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NFL - 02/14/14 09:50 PM

Maybe this is not typical of NFL locker rooms. I hope not. But this guy Incognito--I bet he now wish he were in fact incognito.
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Re: NFL - 02/14/14 10:59 PM

Let me tell you about that prick. He went to high school here in Phoenix, AZ. The very same high school that my mother worked at as a security guard. Over the course of four years, I heard COUNTLESS stories about this scumbag - the topic of which was usually under one of the following headings:

Bulllying skinny little freshman boys
Bullying skinny little girls
Beating up numerous kids half his size for no reason at all
Threatening to beat the crap out of teachers and security guards (including my mother)
Verbal abuse to teachers, guards, and pretty much anyone not bigger than he was

My mom was so happy when the prick finally graduated. I hate to say something like this, but I will anyway. The world would be a better place if he shot his mouth off to the wrong person and ended up getting a slug in the forehead as a result.
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Re: NFL - 02/14/14 11:59 PM

I'm so sorry for you mom. It must have been awful to deal with a creep like that.
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Re: NFL - 02/15/14 11:12 AM

Did this kid by any chance grow up to be the Governor of NJ? shocked
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: NFL - 02/18/14 09:43 PM

And the source of the problem was clear. After several "incidents" involving the dirtbag, his parents were called by the school. Their response: "Weeeellll, he's just being a kid."
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Re: NFL - 02/19/14 02:35 AM

And me and my friendss here in the Miami area just can't figure why the Dolphins haven't won a SuperBowl in decades... and can't even have a good season. mad

According to the articles I read.. this crap has been going on for a while.
Before Incognito.
Where's the team spirit?
It's right there... disguised as sophomoric, high school, testosterone-laden behaviors that never matured, and instead ramped up and intensified with money and fame.