Basketball mills

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Basketball mills - 01/08/14 04:18 PM

I like to watch college basketball and football . I am really only emotionally connected to the KAnsas Basketball but watch others.i also watch NBA. During games I've heard quite often the announcers commenting that certain players would come from the same high school. I'm talking about several players , like six prominent nba players coming from the same high school. I have marveled at how this was possible. What are the odds that this would happen in a span of, say, ten years for one "high school" to produce so many high level players.

Then, thus year, ESPN has broadcast several high school basketball games. Games where the top high school teams in the nation play each other. (Why are high schools even ranked, nationally) .

A recent game I watched was between Findlay Prep and Prime Prep. At the time they were each ranked in the top five high school basketball teams in the nation. Had to be good, right. What I first noticed was that the venue was a small gym with roll out type bleachers but, in addition, there were few in attendance.. How could this be? Such power houses in basketball but no one there. Were these big schools or not

Well NOT. In fact Findlay Prep has exactly eleven students in its whole school and all eleven have college scholarships pending.

Prime Prep is very small , also, and was founded in part by Dion Sanders and has been plagued with scandal .

I was, already aware that high schools recruit but thought that it was mostly the large schools that do it. Again, Not. Seems that many are charter schools which have some latitude with the rules that public schools have to adhere to. Many have a large proportion of Foriegn members.

Many are basically basketball mills. Some, (most), might be associated with a private school but probably have latitude within that school.

Below are a few I picked out.

I'm not saying that some of these do not have a rigorous academic program along side of these mills, but they are certainly not what we think of when we hear "high school"

I saw a piece in CNN stating the poor quality of reading among college basketball teams putting the blame on colleges but since many of these players chose to go to these special high schools rather than their local school , I put the blame mostly on their parents. They didn't care if they learned to read, what they want is for their boy to learn basketball and get into the pros.

An example comes from one of my favorites, Mario Chambers, a former KU player now the point guard of the Miami Heat. NBA champions. Find an interview with him speaking. His sentences are short and clipped.

Oh, speaking of Findlay Prep. One of their players will be a KU Jayhawk next year. Another one-and-done. Sigh