Posted by: yoyo52

Ice - 01/05/14 08:13 PM

One nice, thick, solid slab of ice from the top of Mount Penn to the banks of the Schuyllkil River.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Ice - 01/05/14 10:46 PM

Been raining all day here and in the mid-high 30's. But now the temps are dropping and we'll be just under zero by tomorrow AM. So yeah… Mucho ice be a-comin'. Bleh...
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Ice - 01/05/14 10:49 PM

Got up at 4:30a to go and open the store, raining then, sometime around 9 it turned to snow/ it is just ice....had to break into the truck to come home at til 2pm tomorrow but as cold as it is not much chance of any of the ice thawing...and the city isn't clearing the streets this year, kinda left to our own devices