Coffee grinders

Posted by: MrB

Coffee grinders - 01/04/14 09:26 PM

My coffee grinder is making all kinds of noises so I'm sure it's on its final legs.

What brand model do any of you use? Below $100 would be nice

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Re: Coffee grinders - 01/04/14 10:14 PM

Don't use one switched to K cups. BUT I checked Consumer Reports for you and they don't list any per se. sorry frown
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Re: Coffee grinders - 01/04/14 10:46 PM

I looked there also

Posted by: Celandine

Re: Coffee grinders - 01/04/14 11:10 PM

Turkish Coffee Grinder

All kidding aside,
I used to go through Pepper Mills like CRAZY!
One of my friends lives with this guy from Turkey
who pulled one out of his pocket at dinner, and in
2 seconds flat ground enough powder-fine pepper
for all of us. Needless to say I was impressed!

After having busted my 9th or 10th one, it occurred
to me to search for one like Oackie's on e-bay...
I soon found out that it was actually A COFFEE Mill,
but WTH? I ordered one all the way from Turkey.

...then went on to order 4-5 more that I gift to
Fellow Pepper Lovers in my life.

I guess these are more up your alley...
Traditional Coffee Grinders

...and for what it's worth,
every small appliance in my apartment is made
by Black & Decker. wink
Posted by: Jashue

Re: Coffee grinders - 01/04/14 11:48 PM

Ya gotta go with a conical burr grinder. Only then can you be assured of a uniform coarseness of grind.

This is what I use:

It might be on the pricy side, but coffee is pretty important to me. I like the fact I may dial up the desired coarseness depending on my intent to use a drip coffee maker vs a french press.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Coffee grinders - 01/05/14 01:58 AM

We bought a relatively cheap KitchenAide grinder almost two years ago. We've had absolutely no problems with it.

KitchenAid 4 oz Onyx Black Coffee Grinder
$29.99 at Lowe's
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Re: Coffee grinders - 01/31/14 07:23 PM

Jashue.. where ya been?
Posted by: MrB

Re: Coffee grinders - 01/31/14 10:38 PM

I looked at that but went with the Bodun
In white. Why it's cheaper in white I don't know

Does a great job compared to my old walmart $10 job that I've used for ten years