Now I know!

Posted by: yoyo52

Now I know! - 12/09/13 09:29 PM

Finally, I can understand the whole of my life!

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Re: Now I know! - 12/09/13 10:23 PM


Well, don't keep a secret, son.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Now I know! - 12/09/13 11:15 PM


"Born Again Pisstank"

LOL You're on yer own
when it comes to their SLANGguage.

Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Now I know! - 12/10/13 12:28 AM

That reminds me of the first thing I heard from a native of Reading, the first time my wife and I went downtown (on the bus . . . how were we supposed to know you didn't do that!): Why don't they learn to speak English. smile