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ISON - 11/28/13 09:15 PM

Before and after

Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: ISON - 11/28/13 09:25 PM

You mean after and before, right? wink
Posted by: six_of_one

Re: ISON - 11/28/13 09:42 PM

In any case -- BOOM! Nothing.

The Sun is a harsh mistress ...
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: ISON - 11/29/13 02:28 PM

ISON's death may be exaggerated
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: ISON - 11/29/13 02:33 PM

It doesn't appear now that it will be the classic appearing comet, though, and maybe not visible without a telescope or binoculars.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: ISON - 11/29/13 06:50 PM

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Re: ISON - 11/29/13 09:09 PM

That's neat, Jim.