The Eagles

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The Eagles - 11/22/13 09:48 PM

It's here!
Tonight at 8:00 I will sitting at the American Airlines Arena watching this ...

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Well? So? Was it great, or what???
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You're going to an arena to watch YouTube? crazy
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I hope you had fun! smile
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Dude.. it rocked. They hammered it. Of course.. after 40+ years, you would think they had it down pat. smile
We were waaay in the back.. prolly 220 + feet away... but up on 2nd tier... so it was a good angle/view... but you sure needed the monitors to see any detail.
They actually have an original band member with them for this tour... Bernie Leadon.
They also mentioned former band member Randy Meisner, and that he would have been included, but his health didn't allow it.
Which is a complete slap in the face to Don Felder who Frey hates and Henley isn't too keen on either. They booted him years ago over money... and now they have apparently invited other former members back, cept Felder. No diff to me either way... just more band history... on the "History of the Eagles" tour.

This article sums up the show quite nicely.. although in a different city.

According to my vids and photos.. they played for 2 hours and 45 minutes, not including a 15 minute break part way through.

Everyone can still sing really well... and Joe Walsh can stili f'n shred a guitar. Not bad for guys past 65. cool smile
Everyone was enamored with the show and the production.
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Oh.. and these boys are old school... 3 encores!
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I thought you were posting about these guys

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Ummm... no. I rarely even watch football.
Mostly if they are playing the Dolphins.. or it's the Super Bowl.
Don't like wasting several hours every weekend watching football.
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I watch an occasional game on TV. Might even go to a Linfield game every few years. It can be exciting. Older I get, less I like contact sports. Tennis is great. Sort of an art and ballet.