'Don't get scrolled'!

Posted by: Mike

'Don't get scrolled'! - 11/21/13 02:32 PM

Many times I wondered how those slick ads got into my gmail messages....
(But it was a surprise to me who is behind this video!)

Don't get scroogled!!
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: 'Don't get scrolled'! - 11/21/13 04:15 PM

Microsoft has been running the scroogled campaign for at least a year now. It's stupid, pointless, and barely even mildly amusing. But I've actually grown to despise Google even more than MS in the last few years, so more power to them!
Posted by: steveg

Re: 'Don't get scrolled'! - 11/21/13 04:41 PM

I'm with ya on the Google saturation point. I've decided to drop Google altogether. It'll mean losing the Analytics for my website, but for my purposes; all GA does is hint when I might get a rash of SPAM. If I see hits from India, Mongolia, Bangalore, Israel, etc., I can usually expect crap in my mailbox within a week (what can sneak through Network Solution's filters, that is).