Horse trading

Posted by: Papa

Horse trading - 11/16/13 05:36 PM

I traded an hour of woodworking for an HP 15 inch laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. It didn't have a battery or power cable but I bought a used cable and power supply for $20 from a friend of mine(yes there are cheaper adapters available but he is selling me some memory at a huge savings). I don't think I will worry about the battery since they only run for 2 hours or so. There are a few Windows only programs I need run so it will do fine for what I need. I downloaded Windows Essentials and did a virus scan before I did anything. There were 127 updates available when I got connected to the internet. I installed Firefox and Open Office but haven't tried setting up a printer yet. I will see if it can find my printer on the wireless network and go from there.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Horse trading - 11/16/13 05:43 PM

Donkey's years ago (keeping up with the equine theme) we bought an XP computer for my son so he could game his way to adolescent nirvana. Well, the hassle to get the stupid machine connected to the network was enough to drive Mother Theresa to cursing Redmond. We never connected it to a printer cause that's what the iBook was for, but I hope that Windows 7 makes life easier! Good luck!!
Posted by: Papa

Re: Horse trading - 11/16/13 06:08 PM

I tried connecting a wireless printer a long time ago and it was not pretty. Windows 7 seems to have better wireless connectivity so we shall see. I will do it when both neighbors are gone in case it gets rough. I don't really need to do it but the challenge is there.