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Heavenly - 11/09/13 07:11 PM


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I've seen those. Have you tried them?
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I have not tried them, pre release publicity indicated that they would only be sold at Target stores and the nearest one is 2 hours away, instead I got some dill pickle potato chips
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TARGETS? ... To me,
that indicates that they will be very expensive since
in my experience, everything in Targets is over priced.

I think you're kidding about Dill Pickle 'Tater Chips
...but they do sell Vinegar Pepper Chips.. so why not?

My favorite chips are Kettle-Cooked Sweet Potato Chips
...they're To DIE For!.. v CLICKITY CLICK v
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Originally Posted By: Jim_
I've seen those. Have you tried them?

No. Haven't seen them yet. But I bet they will be very expensive.

I can get choc covered bacon with sea salt on top though. Mmmmmmmmmm

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Now you are talking, chocolate covered bacon with sea salt...the perfect desert bacon
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Bet they don't sell in the summer time !! grin