Doctors note goes viral

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Doctors note goes viral - 11/07/13 01:41 PM

A physician wrote a note to a husband of a patient. It went viral with many comments.

When I first found out that I was going to the hospital for my first cancer surgery, I vowed that I wouldn't be one of those hateful curmudgeons we see in hospitals wrangling the nurses and making rude comments to them. My ex wife was a nurse and my daughter is a nurse. They don't deserve that crap.

So every time I have a procedure done I tell them something like thus
" I want to thank you for your kindness. Since my diagnose of my cancer I've met many healthcare workers. To a person, every one has shown such care and help to me and others that I've observed. From physicians to nurses to techs to housekeepers have give great care. There is truly a special niche in heaven just for you folks.

I know it's your job and you are paid to do your job, but it goes beyond the job. It's the humanity and professionalism that you've show. I know your patients and clients surely appreciate this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

But, for me, it's not just something i say. I mean it truly. I've had procedures or surgeries at six different hospitals and three different clinics. In each, one, I'm greeted at the door where I've been escorted through the whole ordeal. I'm sure I'm not special and everyone is treated in the same curtious manner.

I remember, the night nurse, Jacque , who, at 1:00 in the morning sat on the side of my bed to explain to me what my surgeon had done with my colon resection and what I would experience from that .

I remember the nurse the nurse, Amy who set up my room in 2010 when I was admitted to that same hospital with low blood pressure fo complications from the second year of chemo. The smile on her face and laughter in her voice did as much good for me as the four units of blood they had to send off for me.

I remember Jesse, the housekeeper who cleaned my room during the second trip to that same hospital the next month, who walked in sprinkling cleaning fluid on the floor telling me that even if it sounded like she was peeing on the floor she really wasn't. I responded that sicnr I never knew what it sounded like for her to pee on the floor I couldn't tell.

The two wonderful nurses at Allen county hospital day clinic, who dressed my wound on my abdomen for 143 days straight after my stitches broke open from that colon resection.

And the nurse Pharnicia W who took pictures of my neither region after my liver surgery with my camera so I could see what the hell the did to me down there.

Yes, these folks have a special place with me.

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Good letter. Thanks!
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Excellent post!

Brought a tear to my eye, reading the letter.
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I was moved also. The internet, beyond running society these days, is also great for these special moments.
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One of my older brothers died back in 2009 in the fall at the age of 87. He was suffering from bone cancer. When I visited him in the hospital he was always complaint about the care there. About the nurses. About the hospital stealing his watch. A pain in the but he was.

This was the same hospital I had my procedure . I knew these nurses. They were great. He was just being a a bastard, to tell the truth. When I would leave, I would stop at the nurses station and tell them what a good job they were doing with him and that I appreciated their putting up with his crap.

People need to know when they do a good job. For one thing, they will do a better job next time.

And for goodness sakes take stock of your on life. Consider the good things around you not just the things that pitch you off. ("Pitch" is my late sisters word. She also called "boobs" as "boo boos" in those very rare conversations that that topic would come up).

But as been said.

If you don't stop and count your blessings, you are just wasting your time.