The Halloween Funny

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The Halloween Funny - 10/31/13 08:55 PM

Nothing to do with Halloween though.

Al Jones wasn't getting enough sex at home so he decided to visit the local Victoria Secret shop and get some pointers how to spice things up in the bedroom.

He went in and talked with one of the lady consultants and she said you need to buy your wife a nice sheer negligee to set the mood .

He asked how much do these negligees cost and she said, "They start at $250 and the more sheer the more they cost !"

SO desperate, he bought a $500 negligee and took it home to the wife.

He told her about the experience in the Victoria Secret shop and she agreed to wear it that night.

As she was changing in the bathroom that night, she got to thinking , this thing is so sheer he won't even know if I'm wearing it. She decided to just go naked and take the negligee back, collect the $500 refund, and use it for something she really wanted !

As she entered the dimly lit bedroom and asked how do I look, Al said in frustration, "Man for $500, you think they'd at least have ironed it !!"

The Funeral of Allan P. Jones will be held Thursday, April 1st at 2 PM in the Holyrollers Chapel !!

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Haha! grin
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R.I.P. Sucka'!
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nice take on the old wrinkled skin bit
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I love those.