Rescuing BOSE

Posted by: Celandine

Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 03:56 AM

Anyone being dumb enough to have purchased a pair of
BOSE EarBuds in the past probably had a similar
experience/problem/issue of Keeping Them In Your Ears.

Anyway..I did and did.

When I originally bought my First iPod 5th Gen Video
I asked for a really GOOD pair of Bose Earbuds for
X-Mas and got them... THE SOUND WAS AMAZING! if you
could ever manage to keep them in your ears even when
sitting stationary and not moving your head (AT ALL!)

So without saying anything... I carefully wrapped them
back around the spool of the original leatherette case
and left them in my media drawer for what..? 7-8 YEARS?

One day while cruising AMAZON, I saw Bose EarBud TIPS,

and the FEEDBACK was Most Promising... comments like;
"FINALLY!!! cry They FINALLY Stay In my EARS!!!"


I ordered 3 sets on the spot!
I'd FINALLY Get To Enjoy My $99.00 EarBuds!

They arrived, I put them on... PERFECT! They sounded
GREAT! And I could FINALLY Keep them in and actually
WALK AROUND listening to my iPod as God had intended!

HERE'S Where Things Went All Pear-Shaped... frown

I soon noticed that the WIRES felt rough in spots...
then noticed MORE Rough areas... wtf?

Under magnification, I saw that the wires were CRACKING
to the extent that Bare Wires were beginning to show!

I soon realized that the cause was that Even Though
I'd Never Worn Them Even For A Single DAY, the wires
had become BRITTLE and would soon break beyond fixing
even though by this time, I'd only worn them ONCE! frown

I got on the horn to BOSE, was transferred to their IT
Dept... and after explaining the situation, was told
that IT WAS MY FAULT... for Storing them in their Case
"for so long" shocked wtf?

I was cheerfully informed Of Their REPLACEMENT POLICY!

"wrap them carefully, send them back, remember to include
My Return Address..." smile "...and a check for $80.00."

shocked frown cry mad (in that order)

All that to tell you
WHY I'm sitting here @ MIDNIGHT Coating my Brand New
8 Year Old set of $99 Bose EarBud Wires with

That Is All. ((4 NOW))

Posted by: Pirate

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 01:52 PM

Like Barney Fife said..nip it ..nip it in the bud
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 02:00 PM

Posted by: Celandine

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 05:34 PM

Originally Posted By: Pirate
Like Barney Fife said..nip it ..nip it in the bud

It actually goes to Kate's HortiSculpture link

"Nipping it in the bub"
is a horticultural term...
...a method of pruning...

BUD a small axillary or terminal protuberance
on a plant, containing rudimentary foliage (leaf
bud) the rudimentary inflorescence (flower bud)
or both (mixed bud).

When shaping a plant, or forcing it to grow in a
preferred direction, or to improve some fruiting
bodies by limiting others, the easiest method is
to determine which to keep, & which to remove..
often, the earlier in the development the better..
..since the longer the task is neglected, the more
difficult to becomes to manage.

The EASIEST way is to simply reach in and NIP
off the BUD with your fingernails.

If not, then you'll require pruning shears...
worse still, as the twig develops into a branch,
LOPPERS! or A Pruning Saw now that your lazy
arse has allowed it to grow into a big old branch!

Worse case you went and allowed it
to develope into a LIMB! NOW You're UP There ...
at the Top of a Ladder..
all yer drunk buddies there pointin' & a'laffin'!
(.....sumpthin' about "O-BARMA-CARE"!.....)

Meanwhile the time you're hacking away at limbs...
it's next to impossible to maintain a desirable
shape... worse still, it's increasingly difficult for
the plant to deal with from a survival standpoint...
since large open wounds are an OPEN INVITATION
To Fungus & Disease if not done properly.

"Nip it in the bud"! ...SILLY WABBIT!
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 06:13 PM

Can the buds be opened?
If so..steal some wires from another pair of buds and solder them on....
The great sound of your Bose buds will lie in the speaker and the circuitry... the wires should make very little impact as long as they are the same gauge.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 06:55 PM

If WORST comes to worst...
(If the Silicon caulk starts peeling away)
...I'll consider that alternative...
the bottom of each Bud is a rubbery cuff
..and the hard plastic has an indented seam
suggesting that it might separate if necessary..

Problem is soldering something that minute frown
I tried replacing the battery in my ipod Shuffle
even using LIQUID SOLDER I made a hash of it. frown

However.. as of this morning.. I slipped the
new ear extensions onto the buds to try them out,
and aside from feeling like Fake Fishing Worms sick
they seem to be fully functional, so I'll not be
pulling them apart just yet...

I'll keep your suggestion in mind though... I've
always hated the funky looking BLACK & WHITE
Striped Wires BOSE Uses... smirk

I assume they wanted them to STAND OUT as
BRANDED-BUDS (objects of envy) but living
in a high-crime district..... being decked-out in
OBVIOUS BLING is kinda' counter-intuitive -- afaic
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 09:12 PM

Most kids now will say nip it in the butt. Guess they're doing that while they're towing the line. crazy
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 09:45 PM

Even native speakers often mis-hear things and
continue saying them incorrectly for years.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 10:10 PM

The price of not reading.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 10:31 PM true..

I used to be an avid reader at one time
but not so much lately because I don't make use
of public libraries as much as I once did...
I'd already read every LARGE PRINT BOOK they carried
then gave up and went to AudioBooks and never looked back.

I LOVE the idea of being able to work on some mind
numbingly repetitive craft while "READING" a Book smile

But you're right in as much as it not preventing
one from mis-HEARING what you're Not SEEING.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Rescuing BOSE - 10/31/13 11:00 PM

...but in the case of a phrase such as the one
under discussion: to "nip (something) in the bud"

I defined it because even though the phrase is
often used.. the usage of the task involved is not.

Even for most gardeners, "pruning" other than
having at your privet hedges sheers, is a rather
specialized task with which most people aren't
familiar... PRUNING the Hedges (unless you're
into Topiary) isn't usually done one bud at a
time... let alone with one's fingernails.

In my case, I'm into Bonsai.. THAT you accomplish
both with one's fingernails.. and tiny manacure

But that's not to say I don't employ larger
equipment (although I admit NOT a ChainSaw)
when working in public display gardens.. having at
rows of Rose Bushes, or clammering about in a
a cheery-tree... (OR A HUNDRED crazy ) with pruning
sheers, saws & loppers.

Branchbrook Park

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Re: Rescuing BOSE - 11/02/13 08:13 AM

4AM and I'm listening to The Moody Blues "Strange Times"

The Clear Caulking is dry, and it worked like a charm. cool

Took an extra day to double coat the weakest points
..and to re-enforce where the wire is attached at the
buds, and the plug... and where they all join.

Well, I'll let you know how well it holds up under use,
if it works out, then we have a fix for frayed wires
going forward... but remember... my wires were grease
& oil free... otherwise I wouldn't have even bothered.