Hi Everybody

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Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 12:45 AM

Hello Old Friends!

I thought that I would check in because aside from lurking a little bit in the political forum, I haven't been an active participant for a while and definitely haven't talked at all about myself for a long long time. That feels kind of unfair to me because I am also happy to see so many people still kicking it around in this funny little community.

I guess the short version is that I got married to another high school English teacher in 2011 and we are expecting a baby in 2014. I'm still teaching, but after seven years in Chicago Public Schools, I am now in my second year in the suburbs. I went and got a masters degree and state certification in educational technology and I try to stay active in that community in Illinois. I'm still a pretty political guy, but almost all of the energy I have is dedicated to educational policy and our awful mayor, so I don't get around to the soapbox much.

Aside from that, I miss a bunch of you and I hope everything is awesome!
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 12:55 AM

Okay, now that's a good excuse. grin

Good to "see" ya'.
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 01:09 AM

Congratulations on all that has happened to you. Drop in when you can.
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 01:35 AM

Greetings, young man!

Sounds like all is well - that's good!
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 02:46 AM

Good stuff all around. Good to hear from you!
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 03:47 AM

I guess the short version is that I got married to another high school English teacher in 2011 and we are expecting a baby in 2014.

See !! shocked . That's what happens when you leave !! grin

Great to see ya !! laugh
Best wishes with the new one !

Let's see... your English teaching wife is expecting...
soo that makes your mom the grammer ! whistle
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 04:42 AM

Who loves ya, baby?

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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 09:39 AM

I got married to another high school English teacher

Just how many other high school English teachers have you been married to? confused And will this 2014 baby be mid-term? eek

Anyway, welcome back to this "funny little community". And exactly what do you mean by that? grin
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 10:34 AM

I bet it is real tough to teach in these Chicago Public Schools today with the incidence of crime all over place.You are lucky you are out of there.
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 11:41 AM

Good to hear from you. I miss you from the days when this place was a lot more incendiary political wise. Sounds like you actually took your beliefs to the level of doing something about it. Good for you. Keep on trucking.

And congratulations on a baby coming. Nothing like a baby in one's life to remind one that life can be a grand thing.
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 05:14 PM

Well, Facebook is definitely much bigger... and much less funny. wink
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 05:25 PM

I definitely have very mixed feelings about leaving CPS, even a couple of years out. It had nothing to do with violence though. Violence in Chicago is actually not nearly as much of a problem as it was as recently as the 90s. The problem is that it is much more concentrated now in neighborhoods that have suffered through more than 20 years of divestment while Daley/Emanuel shuttered public schools and moved tax money downtown.

I miss the students and my colleagues. I don't miss my principal, or the district leadership. Things were coming to a head and an opportunity popped up in the suburbs, so I grabbed it thinking that I could probably do more ed tech stuff away from Chicago.
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Re: Hi Everybody - 10/31/13 10:22 PM

Glad to see you around these parts. Hope you stick around.
Glad that you are still in education.