Marmaray Project

Posted by: DLC

Marmaray Project - 10/29/13 10:16 AM

First I've heard of this Project. WOW connects 2 continents- Europe and Asia in Istanbul ! Incredible !
1 million passengers per DAY !!! shocked

AH but we (USA) can't afford infrastructure like this... might have to raise some billionaire bastid's taxes !! mad

Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: Marmaray Project - 10/29/13 11:37 AM


Goody. I want one to Hawaii. smile

Posted by: DLC

Re: Marmaray Project - 10/29/13 12:29 PM

Just write up a proposal and send to Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, I'm sure they'll fund it !! laugh

This one only goes 50 miles.... Hawaii ... aye-yi-yi !! You got a lotta splainin to do Ethyl ! wink