Shots in the dark

Posted by: yoyo52

Shots in the dark - 10/27/13 09:48 PM

So last night I was reading in bed when suddenly pop pop pop pop pop. Five shots. The cops were on it almost immediately, within two or three minutes there were four cruisers. I don't think anyone was hurt, but just reporting--life in the 2nd poorest city in the nation.
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Re: Shots in the dark - 10/27/13 10:43 PM

Two blocks away. Someone jumps out of the bushes and stabs someone with a bowie knife. One of the most affluent cities in the nation.
Every day is more over the top violence, for no apparent reason.
Gangs? Sure. Random killings?
I don't understand…
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Re: Shots in the dark - 10/28/13 04:49 AM

It's everywhere, eh? I had a running joke with the ex. Whenever we would hear the pops I always said "it was just firecrackers" and smile. Yeah, right.

I still tell myself that. I don't even duck or flinch anymore. crazy I just figure, when your time is up…

I live in what used to be a really nice residential area, it's still mostly owners with a fews rentals, but a few blocks away East and West are apartments, lots of Section 8, most of it is from there. During the winter with the windows shut it's not too bad. smirk
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Re: Shots in the dark - 10/28/13 06:44 AM

Back in mid 90's I had a young man enroll in my math class there in Dodge. He was a quiet young man. Polite. Didn't create problems in class and did his work. He was a late enrollee, coming in three or so weeks late.

Then for a week he was absent. Then his name was prominent in our paper. He wanted to join a local gang and to do so required his killing a white boy that was giving them grief . Well, he found the boy among a group of teens hanging out at the local parking lot( BootHill parking lot, actually). He shot at the boy and did wound him slightly but that was after he killed an other young man.

The boy killed was from a very well respected family. They jumped on the gang situation with ferver. It was through their efforts and diligence that town became very gang aware.

Sad. I knew all three young men

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Re: Shots in the dark - 10/28/13 09:42 AM

Back in the early 80's I had a nice apartment in a newly renovated brownstone in Boston's South End neighborhood. The area, which borders Roxbury had been undergoing re-gentrification. But Roxbury was, at that time, largely a ghetto and not the safest area in the city. One afternoon I watched from my window as two dudes openly boosted a cabbie who was parked at the curb waiting for a fair. I called the BPD, but everyone — including the cabbie — was long gone well before the law showed up.

A week later, I had gone to the corner bodega for a could of things just before dinner, and as I was about to climb my stoop, the same two dudes did to me what I had seen them do to that cabbie! eek I didn't put up a fight. I let them take my wallet and the neck chain that held my chai, and they took off.

Roxbury has since undergone much redevelopment — happily without becoming a new white enclave — and the South End is far from iffy now. But y'know, feces occurs everywhere.
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Re: Shots in the dark - 10/28/13 02:27 PM

Steve.. are you dictating?
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Re: Shots in the dark - 10/28/13 03:23 PM

If I were, there would be fewer typos. smirk
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Re: Shots in the dark - 10/28/13 03:31 PM

Out in the country they are known as "country fireworks!" I can legally shoot on my property so every now and then you can hear target shooters or hunters (hopefully). I would have to be erie hearing it in the city!
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Re: Shots in the dark - 10/28/13 04:10 PM

I would have to be erie hearing it in the city!

Ha! You should live here near the Miami-Dae county line... we have a copper buzz over us hunting a criminal at least once a month.
I live on a smallish lake with about 120? homes on it. A month ago the chopper must have been trying to see under the tree line and was buzzing across the lake about 5 feet above the water line ( or, off the deck).