Posted by: steveg

WTF? - 10/23/13 12:33 PM

It's f'n snowing like mad right now! In Dayton, where all we usually see is Wimpter. confused Well, this just proves that global warming is a hoax. I mean, how do you have snow in October when the planet is s'posed to be getting hotter? Shouldn't I see palm trees sprouting out my window? grin
Posted by: Mike

Re: WTF? - 10/23/13 12:51 PM

Enjoy! Relax! Go out for a snowball fight! Build a snowman!
(Man, I'm glad I live in the 'warm' south of Illinois. It's a cozy 42 F this morning.) grin
Posted by: Pirate

Re: WTF? - 10/23/13 01:50 PM

No snow here today but it is starting off cold...31f only going to get up to 50f..had frost warning out this morning
Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: WTF? - 10/23/13 02:31 PM

Yep…got it too.

Outside my office window this morning:

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Re: WTF? - 10/23/13 03:46 PM

Simple Answer:
The Science of Abrupt Climate Change
also see:
Latitudinal Shift of the Jet Streams
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Re: WTF? - 10/23/13 07:55 PM


Pretty, Bigger. Steve, don't go slippin' and slidin' around. Just curl up with a good computer and enjoy the day. wink