Soooo... MrB !

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Soooo... MrB ! - 10/21/13 04:58 PM

ya gotta be pullin for those Chiefs and Cardinals heh ?

I'm Not a big sports fan, but they're lookin good right now !
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Re: Soooo... MrB ! - 10/21/13 11:47 PM

I'm not emotionally attached to either. My dad was a lifelong Cardinal fan. Also listened to the Royals. One neat thing was he was able to go to the World Series when they played each other. He was in his late 80's at the time and couldn't see very much.. I cold have the game wrong as I was not in the area but heard he was so excited.

I watch the chiefs when the are on TV but have it on record. I sometimes look ahead to see who wins. If they do poorly I stop watching.

I really am only a severe KU basketball fan. Mostly because they have done rather well since I was a lad. They've given me some good entertainment. There are better teams but they still do rather well.

I sometimes pick up a player for some emotional reason the follow that person as he or she goes from team to team .

I followed the New York Giant football team when I was a lad because of a segment on TV about their middle line backer, Sam Huff.

I've been a Boston Celtic fan sine I was 12 because I chanced to buy a basket ball that had Bob Cousey on it. I then discovered that he was damned good and the Celtics were too at that time. Bill Russell was my guy back then. Loved his play. I even cheered him on against Wilt Chamberlain even tho Wilt played for KU . Go figger.

I also like the Broncos. Or any team from Colorado. I lived near that State and visited it often. Their sports teams seemed to have to play harder. Now with one of my favorites, Peyton, at the QB I been watching them more.

But I'm anxious for NCAA BB to start. KU has some great talent this year. It's going to be a good time.

Oh, I've never been a Cowboy Fan. And it's never been because of the team. They've had a great team. But for other ridiculous reason.

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Re: Soooo... MrB ! - 10/22/13 01:00 AM

I'm not a Cowboy fan either... well since Jerry bought and ruined the team !! grin

What a turd !!