Tough Upsets today

Posted by: DLC

Tough Upsets today - 10/19/13 11:46 PM

#24 AU beat #7 Tex A&M (shocking !) smirk

Vandy beat #15 UGA !! (that's embarrassing !) sick

#13 Stanford beat #9 UCLA (at least respectable)

Tenn beat #11 S Carolina shocked

That is all ! wink
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Tough Upsets today - 10/20/13 01:50 AM

Glad A&M lost I am. Do not like "Johnny Football." At all at all.
Posted by: MrB

Re: Tough Upsets today - 10/20/13 03:10 AM

I've been watching much more football this year. Not sure why. Some good performances. I've been watching the Au-A&M game. Will watch more of it.

I've even been watching nfl games. Of course, around here, if you aren't a Cheifs fan you are out of it. They've done well this year. Ice also been wAtching the Broncos as I like Peyton.

Posted by: lanovami

Re: Tough Upsets today - 10/20/13 06:20 AM

And they are something to take our mind off the pathetic, progress blocking, benefit-grabbing obstructionist, out-of-the-closet racist, resource-sucking, anti-tax, homophobic, violent hypocritical and mindless non-compromising unrealistic idiots, right?


Posted by: steveg

Re: Tough Upsets today - 10/20/13 09:49 AM

Footba... zzzzzzzzzzz-zzzz-zzzzzz-zz.

College Foo... zzzzzzzzz-zz-zzzzzzzzzzz-zz-zz-zzzzzzzz-z-zzzzzzzz-zzzzz.

Ask me to play and I'm all over it. Ask me to watch and... zzzzz-z-zzz-zzzzzz-zzzz.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Tough Upsets today - 10/20/13 01:12 PM

FSU stomped Clemson 51 - 14 in "death valley!" That is all! grin
Posted by: DLC

Re: Tough Upsets today - 10/20/13 02:27 PM

A Rat in the Hat, heh ?? smirk

Yeah I know it's diversionary BS, but sometimes I need a break !

Watched my Alma Mater played WV... good game... mountaineers were tough.

Then when the scores rolled across the screen noticed these ! Some shocking esp. A&M.

This is about the 3rd game I've watched all season ! Haven't watched ANY baseball. so it works to take a break from the Cruz, Palin, Limburger crowd !! eek
Posted by: MrB

Re: Tough Upsets today - 10/20/13 08:25 PM

Been watching pre-season NBA some. Gives me a chance to see the young players show their stuff since in these games the coaches are trying different sets of players to see how the work together. The regular starters who play normally don exert themselves to their max especially on defense since they don't want to get hurt in games that don't count.

I just watched The LA Clippers ply the Denver Nugats . The score was 118-112 Clippers in overtime. They were truly going at it. Most of the starters got a lot of playing time and they weren't holding back. Chris Paul , point guard for the Clippers scored 40 PTs. Several times they were scrambling on the floor for loose balls.