32 Mesmerising GIFs

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32 Mesmerising GIFs - 10/16/13 05:04 PM


32 Mesmerising GIFs
That'll Make You Fall In Love w/Science

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Fun stuff. I forwarded to a teacher friend who teaches STEM [science, technology, engineering, and mathematics] science class.

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Yeah! Catch'em YOUNG! laugh

I've always loved science...
...and being blessed/cursed with a curious mind
I've learned to prod & question everything in life.

Me 'n' You-Know-Who wink belong to an informal
Science Forum populated with a mixture of Scientists
and Non-Scientists alike... It's SUCH Fun! grin

EVERYTHING is Fair-Game... from "Why does my dog's
poo smell particularly foul this morning...?" to
Quantum Physics & The String Theory.

Trust me... smile it's not nearly as dry as it sounds. smile
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Oh thanks much. We're just starting a unit on immunology in class. #6 will be perfect !! grin

Love it !!
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Some cool stuff
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Forgot to mention - We did the iodine clock one in P. Chem. lab... it's made from different Iodine salts and the ratio of those salts determines the time it takes for the iodine to change colors. One can change they time by altering the ratios. Pretty cool. grin