Sports media rant

Posted by: MrB

Sports media rant - 10/14/13 09:15 AM

Disregard that it's from Fox Sports as I know anything associated with FOX is irregardled in this community, but my rant has to do with sports commentators in general

This link is to a piece about KU football team failed attempt to have a fake punt during Saturdays football game.

KU football has struggled for several years. This year they have a new coach and still they are struggling . So Saturday tied with TCU 10-10 down near their own goal line they tried a fake punt. This piece lambast the coach for trying such a thing. I saw this. I thought, "why not. Why not shake things up"

It didn't work, but what if they did punt. Most likely, TCU would have got the ball near the 50 yard line anyway. And, just maybe, faking a punt and getting a first down might work. Show some guts I say.

But this sports mucker up thinks this was the worst call in football history. Really? Boy that would take some doing, as I've seen some doozies in my lifetime. This didn't even rank close.

A quote from the thing

"Because the alternative -- that Charlie Weis made the worst call in the history of football -- is too difficult to believe. Charlie will do some wild stuff, and Charlie might be getting a little desperate, but this? Take another look at the play in its entirety.

Surely he's not capable of this.

These guys are sure full of it.

Analysts think they have it all

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Re: Sports media rant - 10/14/13 09:51 AM

Pardle me, but did you say irregardled? shocked grin
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Re: Sports media rant - 10/14/13 12:44 PM

Originally Posted By: steveg
Pardle me, but did you say irregardled? shocked grin

LOL.. I saw that too. Carpism?
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Re: Sports media rant - 10/14/13 02:05 PM

I like the new word. There are many things I try to irregardle.

People take sports far too seriously. When all's said and done, it's just a game.

The NY Times Sunday Magazine yesterday had an article on just how much money public schools spend on sports, especially in contrast to what's spent on academics. It's so god-awful depressing that it can't be irregardled.
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Re: Sports media rant - 10/14/13 02:19 PM

Irregardled.... probably just a typo ! grin

Sorry MrB, I just can't get into anything sports any more (Pro or College) ... too many egos and too much $ and it doesn't mean a DAMM thing who wins ! Mindless masterbation !

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Re: Sports media rant - 10/15/13 05:34 AM

Actually meant to write "irregarded" . Auto correct tried to write for me ."irregardless but I missed the "l" when I erased

But for sports I agree. I've noticed that the NFL show on ESPN needs to have SIX talking experts. Used to be two or three were plenty. But SIX.

Iwas thinking, soon the host will need to give each one name tags so he could remember who they were

I guess there are a plethora of veteran players that need to supplement their retirement .

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Re: Sports media rant - 10/15/13 05:40 AM

That said I've been watching more football this year. I like football but just let it slide the past ten or so years. I'm far from a big fan as I am familiar with few players.

But the recent coverage has given use to better production along with HIDEF coverage on my 60 inch screen makes it more enjoyable. Those cameras on wire stretched across the field give some great shots

I've always liked college basketball but recently have been watching NBA