Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 02:41 AM

Monday is Thanksgiving day...in Canada...same kind of celebration as in the US, same foods etc...Happy Thanksgiving.

I just figured out a way to have two Thanksgivings this year
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 03:28 AM

Thanksgiving in Canuckistan. Happy returns of the day!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 03:35 AM

Why stop @ just 2?
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 10:45 AM

This is their national holiday there in Canada every Oct. I lived there in Vancouver BC and we celebrated it just like the Americans do in November.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 02:18 PM

Yeah and Happy Columbus Day here...

wasn't he the 2nd guy to discover America ? crazy

Where's Eric the Red Day ?? laugh
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 02:26 PM

Second guy? What do you mean by "guy," kemosabe?

The Portuguese fishing fleet had been fishing off the Grand Banks for years, catching cod by the boatload. "Discovery" is a late 15th century thing, part of the way that Europe was beginning to think about the world, which included not just finding but colonizing and dominating. Columbus's stumbling into the New World just fit into that new approach to things, much to the dismay of the natives of the "New" World.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 04:47 PM

Well they think ole' Red discovered America- New World, back in the 1000-1100s. So even the Portuguese were later than he was. I guess Europe either didn't get the memo or didn't understand the Viking language. wink

Maybe ole Chris was the 5th or 6th... but he got the credit ! crazy
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 06:43 PM

AMERIGO got the Credit

...even though Columbus got "The Braggin' Rights"

...but who's countin'? crazy

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 07:39 PM

Check THIS OUT !

I always thought the Vikings were first. Problem was they were not part of the European "establishment", and centuries before the more modern explorers like Amerigo, Columbus, etc. Plus they did not colonize America so not much records to follow. If they had, we might be speaking Norweigan today !! grin
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 09:03 PM

Being a "The Chicken or the Egg?" type person by my very nature
I read all that (to make sure it hadn't already been covered) before adding;
"Technically speaking, America was discovered by Africans."

frown ..just to DISCOVER that it had indeed already been said:

"Discovering America:" A Matter of Point of View

Not now. Not since airports and sea ports are shuffling us all together culturally. Yes, we all have our own unique histories, and perhaps even our favorite ancestry too, but the thing is, archeology has already got some pretty good evidence suggesting we share the same ancestry if we take it back far enough in time . This whole European, Asian, African, American thing may just turn out to be us selecting how far back we choose to look, drawing arbitrary lines around ourselves in the sands of time.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/14/13 09:46 PM

Originally Posted By: Celandine

but to my original point: Perhaps it’s just the Gardener in me ...but...

Thanksgiving is more than A Turkey Feast, and a Football Game.

Every Agrarian Society (farmers) celebrates Thanksgiving
(Thanking a God or gods) for a successful Harvest.

When we switched from living in small family groups and related small
bands of Hunter/Gatherers that had to follow herds and find enough
seasonally available plants to feed the entire group, and learned to
cultivate crops, it was a double-edged sword.

We became chained to the land, and a slave to a readily available food
source that needed constant care & protection.

On one hand, a settled lifestyle allowed villages to become established,
with the advantage of shared work and guards against wild animals,
and marauding bands, always ready (and often able) to seize what you
dedicated time & back-breaking work to cultivate.

We rarely think about it in today’s Super Market Society, but raising
food is not only laborious, but time consuming as well. Most crops
take a YEAR or longer to come to fruition (bear fruit) all during that
time people are surviving on last years harvest to carry them through
to THIS year’s Harvest...

If This Year’s Harvest goes BUST (fails) the bottom Falls Out!
Today farmers can take out a loan and pray that Next Year is Better
but before the advent of such things as “Crop Insurance’ it was
literally a Matter of Life or Death! (especially in colder climates)
Even in warmer climates.. Next Year’s SEEDS Depends on THIS YEAR’S
CROP! -- NO Ticky/No Shirty! Do Not Pass “GO” Do Not Collect $200!
It meant crushing hardships, the youngest & oldest often didn’t make it.

You better believe.. that they’d THANK (The) GOD(s) when by some
miracle... everything went your way For An Entire Year!

It’s a BIG DEAL... in fact The YEAR’S BIGGEST DEAL! and EveryBody
from EVery Society Celebrates the End to LAST YEAR’S Dried Apples
and Weevil-Infested Flour. It’s A Time to Count Your Blessings and
FINALLY Enjoy (AND SHARE) the Fruits of Your Labor.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/15/13 01:37 AM

Originally Posted By: DLC
Yeah and Happy Columbus Day here...
Quite the legend to celebrate, huh?
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving - 10/15/13 02:55 AM

Sounds about right, up there with the true 1st thanksgiving story as seen thru the eyes of the native americans...guess it is back to the old...to the victor goes the right to tell the story