Meet Siri

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Meet Siri - 10/04/13 06:07 PM

The secret revealed.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Meet Siri - 10/05/13 03:54 AM


My G4 sounds exactly like ME! laugh

I chose the voice that sounds the most like ME
(Victoria) and played with the speed and modulation
until it was so close to my voice that Ted often
thinks I'm talking to him from the computer room.

I've even had it doing the ALERT Sounds for a while
One day I was on the phone with a Comcast Techie
and an Alert came up and Victoria read it aloud..
the PC Centric Techie impatiently "answered me"
saying; "I'm doing the best he can!" shocked etc.
on the 3rd go I realized what was happening and
told him that it wasn't me, it was my Mac Computer
reading Alert Texts! blush

It blew him away! He stopped working and said;
"WHAT??? Your computer TALKS!??!" shocked

up until then, I'd taken it for granted that ALL
Computers had that native capability... I guess not.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Meet Siri - 10/05/13 04:28 PM

'S'pin awhile since I reactivated the Spoken Alerts
but I just remembered that I'd programmed it to
preface Every Alert with, "It's Not My Fault..."
lolol That's what the PCTech. Guy was hearing! laugh

The 2nd time he said; "It's Not My Fault, Either!" shocked

Apple Computers...
...Gotta' Luv 'Em! smile