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iPhone Solution - 10/03/13 08:38 PM

Why Settle for Just an iPhone 5c
. . . ___

When you can
CHOOSE Any Decal You Wish ---
Protected by A Clear Silicone TPU Cover
TPU, also known as thermoplastic polyurethane,
is more cut and tear resistance over rubber.
It is abrasion resistance, and has a high degree
of transparency. Compared to silicone skins, this
skin is stiffer to the touch, but remains flexible.

Shop Carefully:
The decals are for iPhones 3,4&5
Some Cover the Front & Back.. others don't...

The Cases are from a different Seller:
also for iPhone 3,4,&5 AND Made of Different
Materials -- from Soft Silicone to the TUFF TPU
& some Hard Plastic ... and different colors.
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Re: iPhone Solution - 10/05/13 07:31 PM

My New iPhone3Gs (2yrs ago)
At the time
the decal cost $25, the frosted iSkin was $25

2 1/2 years later and it looks exactly the same!
I could pry off the TFU iSkin, Peel off the decal
and sell the phone as "Pristine" tomorrow...
( IF I wanted to --- I don't )
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Re: iPhone Solution - 10/05/13 07:41 PM

I did a search yesterday evening,
and found that they make decals for iPods too! cool

I have a TFU iSkin for the 4th Gen Nano
I'll look into getting one for the 5th Gen Vid as well.

iPod NANO 5th Gen Decals
iPod 5th Gen Video Decals
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Re: iPhone Solution - 10/05/13 08:57 PM

My iPhone 4 is encased in an Otterbox. Unless something penetrates that barrier, my phone will still be pristine when I think about upgrading next June. smile
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Re: iPhone Solution - 10/05/13 09:19 PM

If it's a CLEAR OtterBox you can still add a Decal. smile
Otherwise I wouldn't recommend them since I'd reckon
they'd peel off under moderately rough handling.
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Re: iPhone Solution - 10/07/13 02:19 AM

While perusing their iPhone Decals
I noticed that SOME of the decals that covered
Both Back & Front..some also had the same pattern
on the Start-Up & the App Screen.. purdy kewl! cool

And I pretty much took for granted that it was
pulled-off via a simple Wallpaper Screen Image,
but for the hellovit, I contacted the dealer...

Dear Sirs,
I see that some of your iPhone Decals show the FRONT Decal
wherein the Picture on the Decal continues on the open iPhone,
where you can see the decal picture & the iPhone Buttons ...?

How is this accomplished?

Thank You In Advance

He got back to me within the hour:

hello, Ok this is done via the internet ..After the purchase we can send you an email that is called a Wallpaper image....It is the same image as the rest therefor it looks like the screen is also covered.. Its fairly high tech and we offer this at zero cost....
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