Latest "DO"s

Posted by: Celandine

Latest "DO"s - 09/21/13 06:58 PM

...and to thing that "they"
had a problem with OUR Hair! laugh

Creative Hairstyles:
Insane Lizard and Spider Hair Sculptures

Posted by: DLC

Re: Latest "DO"s - 09/21/13 07:37 PM

Crazy man !!! crazy

Wonder how long it takes to get ready in the AM ?? That spider would take hours to groom !!

Wonder what they'd look like on a "bad hair" day ?? whistle
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Latest "DO"s - 09/21/13 08:29 PM

Super cool now if I could only have SOME hair I'd give it a shot
Posted by: lanovami

Re: Latest "DO"s - 09/22/13 12:57 AM

you can still do that tattoo. smile