lanovami 1

Posted by: Stumpy1

lanovami 1 - 09/21/13 11:29 AM

"Super Typhoon" lanovami 1"
Posted by: Celandine

Re: lanovami 1 - 09/21/13 02:31 PM

I sure hope Marve has backed-up is Music! shocked

This appears to be a "Bad One"! frown

Hang-In there, Buddy eek
Posted by: lanovami

Re: lanovami 1 - 09/22/13 08:05 AM

Ah thanks, Stumpy. This one is worthy of my name, cuz it's a doozy!

I actually flew today, to southern Japan, and was a bit worried I might get stranded, but everything was okay. There were hundreds of people flying to destination further away from me that were indeed stranded at the airport. It looked like a big slumber party.