A post antibiotic era

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A post antibiotic era - 09/18/13 11:16 AM

An unprecedented and sobering assessment by the CDC about the rise of antibiotic resistant germs.

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Re: A post antibiotic era - 09/18/13 11:25 AM

Yup, and that's why i rarely use antibiotic stuff. Of course it would become resistant to it.

MRSA is widespread and that's a "super germ". There are worse now in the hospitals. Why them? Cause they use (and have to) antibacterial stuff.
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 09/18/13 05:07 PM

Well much resistance arises from over use in the agricultural businesses. Animals are pumped with antibiotics to make them grow faster and more disease free. Some of these bugs like Salmonella get their resistance there and then get transferred to humans ! Eliminate that.

We need to start targeting antibiotic use to specific organisms & infections instead of docs prescribing the latest drug the some Rx detail salesman pushed ( for which the doc might get a kickback).

As far as MRSA, that's due to several things: large concentration of highly pathogenic bugs in a small area - it IS a hospital. Large numbers of sick, read immunologically compromised, people (patients). And the prevalence of antibiotics because that may be the only thing that may save them. Not to mention the genetics of the Staph which is very robust and can adapt and evolve (for all you evolution doubters- its happening right before your eyes !!).

Scarey stuff... but don't ask Congress to act on it. They can't even pass a fscking budget or pay their debts!!! mad
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 09/18/13 06:05 PM

Another problem is Improper Use of ABs:

Areas where ABs are available over-the-counter.

Or a poor family that can afford treating a single
member of the family, then as the bug spreads,
they share the prescription instead of completing
the proper regimen.

or taking them until they feel better, reasoning
they'll keep some in case they feel sick again.

Or self-medication with left-over ABs for an
unrelated malady, for which the AB isn't suitable.

Or taking them for the wrong reason altogether;
lots of people INSIST on their doctor prescribing
ABs for Flu, no matter what the doctor says.

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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 01:35 AM

fuk a duk frown

What I thought was a cold has continued to get worse
over the last 10 days, so I finally opted for the doctor
She looked me over and decided it was a bacterial infection
and jabbed me with cortical steroids to curtail the inflamation
and scripted me an anti-biotic I was hitherto unfamiliar

Took my first dose a couple hours ago
but my fever has since increased, so I took my
usual double-dose of ALEVE (NSAID pain-killer/fever reducer)

Did it just now at my desk, and reckoned I'd look up the AB


now i'm sceret
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 04:02 AM

Originally Posted By: Celandine
Took my first dose a couple hours ago
but my fever has since increased
Expecting a two hour cure? Really? Give it some time and chill out.
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 04:54 AM

I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear.
Since I took the first of 10 doses my fever spiked
way higher than it had been thus far...no big deal,
I simply took a medication that I normally take
everyday for pain, that's also a fever reducer,
again, it should've been no big deal... accept that
the fever-reducer can cause some very very (very)
serious side effects WHEN TAKEN IN COMBINATION
with the LEVAQUIN which I had not been aware of
until after I'd taken The ALEVE. frown

These possible side effects can be permanent, and
can continue to manifest for months even years
after discontinuing the over-the-counter pain meds.
I practically live on day to day to function.

Among the side effects are permanent double-vision
(should go well with my permanent vertigo from my
stroke. laugh ) Permanent loss of color perception,
Great for an artist, huh? or permanent loss of
eyesight (see 1 & 2)

Howzis? Your tendons could spontaneously rupture.
especially if you'd been given a corticosterone,
like what the doctor injected me with in her office.
Especially at risk are patients over 60... I'm 64.

Umm..still not making myself clear...
...I'm NOT afraid of the bacterial infection...
I'm scared spitless of the side effects of the
combination of drugs I have in my body right now.

Ah, well.

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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 05:14 AM

I'm just bummed right now.
I'll contact the doctor before my next scheduled dose
and see if she thinks it's possible to switch to a
safer anti-biotic that doesn't carry the potential
and frankly unacceptably serious side effects.

Losing my legs or eyesight to cure a pulmonary
infection isn't much in the way of a trade-off.
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 05:52 AM

This summer I got what I assumed was a cold, so did what I always do, get some DM cough medicine to calm my cough so I could sleep and take that expensive cold medicine. Then just expected to wait it out. Well after three weeks an not a let up I did something I've not done in my 68 years on this earth. I called my doctor for a cold.

He checked me over and dod a swab to check for pneumonia which was negative and prescribed anti-bionics by pill, codeine cough medicine, and an inhaler. All these new to me for a cold.

After taking all my antibiotics I was still no better, so I called doctors office for more. The nurse told me that the antibiotic keeps working after ivedone taken all the pills and to give it some more tine. I did and got over it.
The codeine cough medicine helped a lot. Calmed my cough and let me sleep

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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 06:32 AM

I wasn't bothered by the pulmonary infection,
but when I realized that it was getting worse
rather than better, I chose to go to the doctor
rather than wind up in the ER over the weekend.

Yes.. it was the lack of sleep that was wearing
me down. When I had my operation, I stopped
breathing during the proceedure, and the forced
a hose down my throat that seriously messed up
my throat for months.. which lead to a lot of
further complications... one of which was my
inability to communicate, the other was my
ability to sleep, since I couldn't lie down
without choking. I lived on 5 minute snatches
of sleep for well over 2 months, which impaired
my ability to undergo physical therapy, which
I more or less completed after 2 years, just
2 weeks ago.

IOW.. I really wasn't anxious to go through
that again.

The more important issue is the string of
medical nightmares I've endured over the years
is way too long and involved to go into...

IOW.. I really wasn't anxious to go through
that again. As I said, Loosing my legs to
fight off a pulmonary infection is just not an
acceptable trade-off.
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 06:36 AM

the hose down the throat thing also broke
two of my teeth, which is the main reason
I live on pain killers (OTC ALEVE (NSAID))
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 01:03 PM

Oh, my.

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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 02:04 PM

Originally Posted By: MrB
Oh, my.



Of course, the Other issue is
If I hear just One more Doctor glibbly chirrup out;
"That's Why We Call It 'PRACTICING Medicine'" grin
I swear I'll "GO-POSTAL"! right there in their office! mad

Apparently, it's a common 1st-year Med-School "JOKE"
because I've heard it from dozens of different doctors.
"THEY" should have also been taught Not-To share the
"JOKE" with their patients when ever they screw up. smirk
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 07:06 PM

Contacted the doctor & the Pharmacy this morning
when I explained that I routinely took many of
the OTC & Herbal Supplements contraindicated in
the warnings, they understood my hesitancy to
take that particular classification of antibiotic
and agreed to switch it to a different one suited
to a pulmonary infection, rather than the full
spectrum AB she had originally prescribed.

Possible Adverse Reaction:
The onset of an allergic reaction to amoxicillin can be very sudden and intense; emergency medical attention must be sought as quickly as possible. The initial onset of such a reaction often starts with a change in mental state, skin rash with intense itching (often beginning in fingertips and around groin area and rapidly spreading), and sensations of fever, nausea, and vomiting. Any other symptoms that seem even remotely suspicious must be taken very seriously. However, more mild allergy symptoms, such as a rash, can occur at any time during treatment, even up to a week after treatment has ceased. For some people who are allergic to amoxicillin the side-effects can be deadly.

LOL believe it or not,
that's still better than the other.
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 07:08 PM

Good! I can't believe that your doctors joke about "practicing." Never have had that said to me, and don't know if I could stand it!
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Re: A post antibiotic era - 10/04/13 07:28 PM

It may stem from the fact that I've been disabled
(and on Medicaid) for so long that I've had no
medical care other than Clinics for at least
30 years. (Until Hilary shut-em-all-down

That's what you get stuck with ..Cattle-Call
Waiting Rooms (up to 50 patients at a time)
(hint when you have an 8AM "appointment"
...pack a lunch frown ...and snax

Worser Still, The doctors come in 2 flavors:
1) JUST out of Med School
2) JUST about to Retire

ah well
we've yet to see what Obamacare will bring.