Washington shooters

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Washington shooters - 09/16/13 02:47 PM

Breaking Story:

Washington Navy Yard
shooter leaves multiple victims
some fatalities

Updated 10:24 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON Federal official say as many as 10 people have been shot at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday morning. D.C. Metropolitan Police said earlier at least 3 civilians, one D.C. officer and one base security officer were among the victims.

An official told CBS News the number of victims could be higher because it is a "chaotic scene." Officials have not offered publicly an exact assessment of the health of the victims.
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Re: Washington shooters - 09/16/13 07:29 PM

Up to 11 dead, plus a shooter. There may be a second shooter, but no one knows for sure. The latest on the dead shooter is that he's Aaron Alexis, a civilian contractor, possibly from TX, who had a stolen ID.