glass ceiling broken

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glass ceiling broken - 09/16/13 12:31 AM

Yes, this is gonna sound like another laundry list to many. Oh well.

So, a foreign player Wladimir Balentien (from a little tiny island north of Venezuela) just broke the homerun record of 55 set by Japan's own Babe Ruth, Sadaharu Oh (still alive at 73). And not a single mention from the Japanese press that the reason it hasn't been broken before is because on 3 separate occasions that were not that long ago, foreign players who were about to break Oh's record were deliberately walked for the remainder of the season to prevent them breaking it.

I really should be happy that they allowed the record to be broken by a foreigner, I guess Japan is getting somewhere with this.
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Re: glass ceiling broken - 09/16/13 02:47 AM

I used to love watching Sadaharu Oh's hitting style,
raising the front leg then transferring his entire
weight, as he'd come down with the front leg sending a
burst of concentrated energy (Chi)through the bat into
the ball, like Samurai Warrior using his sword. smile
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Re: glass ceiling broken - 09/16/13 08:40 AM

Yeah, his swing was well known. He still has a seemingly unassailable career homerun record of 868 I believe, which is over a hundred more than Barry Bonds (whose number I don't remember) and even a bigger gap for the next player in the Japan league.

That record at least, is less questionable.
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Re: glass dome broken - 09/16/13 08:42 AM

And dangit, I should have called this thread *glass dome broken*. Much better, a sure hot topic. crazy