Star Wars Museum

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Star Wars Museum - 09/15/13 06:53 PM

Ranch Obi-Wan just received the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia!

Here's some pics if you're interested…
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Re: Star Wars Museum - 09/15/13 07:29 PM

Great pics and lots of fun for you two. smile

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Re: Star Wars Museum - 09/15/13 07:47 PM

Did she marry him for his light saber ?? blush

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Re: Star Wars Museum - 09/15/13 09:19 PM

Cool, where is this place?

My favorite ones were the carbonite and Boba Fett picture, it's like you're there. Then the Vader made up to look like his medieval Japanese armor origins was cool. The guy who put this place together seems to have a thing for short lived Darth Maul - I like the portrait of him in the Japanese warrior post near the end.
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Less than 2 miles from my house in Petaluma, CA.
Steve Sansweet worked with Lucasfilm, and started collecting in 1977, before the movie even came out.
This was a party for the volunteers who are going work for the big Guinness celebration on November 2nd.
There are 3 warehouses full of stuff, and these pics are about 1% of what he has.
Artists from all over the world have contributed to the museum, including, you guessed it, Japan.
There sure are a lot of Star Wars fanatics out there! cool
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I am a huge fan too, though it doesn't extend to memorabilia. Star Wars was my childhood that's for sure. Cool that it is so close to you.
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grin Really Kewl Picts! cool

Thanx 4 Sharing smile
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Re: Star Wars Museum - 09/17/13 12:24 PM

A meteor struck near the area the Tatooine scenes were filmed in Tunisia. From this news I learned that planet was itself was named after the region where the scenes were filmed, the Tataouine Governate.

How did I go this long in my Star Wars geek life having missed this fact? I have to go lie down, I feel like such a laserbrain...