The Butler

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The Butler - 09/01/13 01:51 AM

OK, the movie ends up being a tear jerker. And OK, the movie has a political slant. But I liked it. It's remarkably clear on the horrors of American apartheid, some of which I lived through although not with the savagery that blacks experienced. It's easy to forget that only 50 years ago (and I realize that the "only" there makes me clearly a codger--as does the word "codger" smile ) horses ran down people on American streets exactly as camels ran down people in Cairo just a couple of years ago. It's easy to forget that only 30 years ago it was expected that black employees in the White House would be payed 60% of what white workers were paid. Anyway, like I said, I liked it.
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Re: The Butler - 09/01/13 03:23 AM

Its on my Bucket list !
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Re: The Butler - 09/01/13 04:06 AM

Sounds like a great one to watch . Whittaker is a solid actor.

I was looking into it today and comparing it to the life of the man upon it is "loosely" based. Appears is not too close. Does not lessen its value as a good film. Just not historically accurate.