So, who's your type?

Posted by: Lea

So, who's your type? - 08/18/13 01:25 AM

Hey, just be glad I'm not postin' Cherry Pie for the umpteenth time. Don't even ask what inspired this. Instead, play? smile

Men I'd date without question ~

Bill Macey
George Straight

Women I'd date if . . . well, I'm straight, but with all due respect ~

Juliette Lewis
Ultra Violet
Aimee Bender

I could bore y'all senseless with my reasons for the above choices, but curiosity wrestles cats and my dogs are taking their late evening naps. Bonus? I'll never beg for a place on the BDay calendar wink

Posted by: Reboot

Re: So, who's your type? - 08/18/13 01:43 AM

That's right, you're not on it. Can I add you? smile
Posted by: Nana

Re: So, who's your type? - 08/18/13 05:41 PM

Men without question or going into Cougar mode whistle

Antonio Bandaris
Brad Pitt
Jason Statham
Troy Polamalu
Jason Momoa
Posted by: Celandine

Re: So, who's your type? - 08/18/13 06:55 PM

Brad n' Antonio tops most lists by virtue
of their seemingly effortless "smoothness"

in a word; "COMPETENT" *

beyond that..
my taste runs to geeky brainiac types, Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan, Al Gore...

I prefer quiet guys over loud boisterous,
muscle-bound bully types. Kind & gentle, a
willingness to be helpful earns big points,
you know.. the 'Community Organizer' Type.

females? no interest whatsoever...**
unless it's genuine interest as a person
that could possibly blossom into more..?
I doubt I'd kick Rachel Maddow outta' bed.

* I've long been aware that I have an innate
admiration toward anyone who can do virtually
anything really really 'WELL'...

** not a moral judgment...simply a personal
preference... I'm physically repelled by the
feel of soft-wet people, just the thought of
kissing a baby on the mouth makes me sick
...but w/e

Posted by: lanovami

Re: So, who's your type? - 09/20/13 12:27 PM

How did I miss this thread?

Women I'd date w/o question:

Olivia Munn (Sloan from Newsroom - again for her attitude, views, background, intelligence, and of course great looks)
Gina Torres (from Firefly and Suits - for her looks and maybe some other stuff if you gave me more time).
Yingluck Shinawatra The prime minister of Thailand, because she's pretty hot, and she's a prime minister.
Miho Kanno (mostly because she is very good looking, and I figured I should include a Japanese, cuz I live here.

Men, I'd have to think longer. But, I have been told I kind of look like Jason Statham that Nana brought up above. But that is mostly by Japanese people who think all whiteys look alike.