Telling my aunt to f**k off

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Telling my aunt to f**k off - 08/09/13 12:24 PM

OK... not exactly in those words...
But she sent me a deluge of hypocritical bullsh!t emails during the election at which time I realized we were polar opposites politically. I asked her to stop sending me the political emails. I'm referring to emails that are so easily debunked, but she reads it and gets worked up and forwards it like it's The Gods Truth.
This aunt is not very close to me so that would mean I would just get the usual holiday emails. But she kept up for the longest time till I got adamant about it and they stopped.

Till 2 days ago... she sends me this vitriolic crap.
(this is not her story.. but something she is forwarding from someone else...)

Interesting Post Trayvon Phenomenon Comments from a Former South Florida resident.

On a day when Detroit filed for bankruptcy and no one had the guts to say that the major reason for it's downfall was the fact that it descended into hell for 50+ years under the leadership of black criminals and a population of illiterate, dependent, 98% "Obama Phone" recipients, and a Black President conveying his fear of the White Man!!!!!!

The loss of jobs in the automotive industry did not spawn the deterioration of the Motor City, but a complete breakdown in civilized behavior with out-of-wedlock births, soaring crime rates, graffiti covered walls and garbage in the streets,did !!!

The same conditions exist in Newark, Oakland, parts of Chicago and scores of other Cities in which there is no automotive industry, but bloated public unions and scores of "womb to the tomb" welfare dependent African-Americans.....

My wife and I left North Lauderdale, Fla.. after we walked in on a young, black male who had broken into our home and was helping himself to our possessions...This is after we had witnessed a marked transition in our suburban neighborhood, fueled by the influx of "pants-below-their-ass black males" who were living in a neighborhood they otherwise could not have afforded, thanks to Section Eight housing, Food Stamps, Cash Payments, free medical coverage and a myriad of "Social Programs" too numerous to mention....

We were the ones,as Obama put it, "clicking the locks on the doors of our cars" to protect ourselves from these predators....
We were the ones who saw the value of our house drop, we were the ones who feared for our safety and we were the ones who left the area for the safety of an "over 55" white, mid-western type retirement community in a lovely location just north of Clearwater, Fla....

I for one am sick of the poverty-pimp, race baiting ravings of the alleged Reverends Sharpton and Jackson...The former who lied about Tawana Brawleys phony rape and the latter who funded his "love child" payments with public money...I'm sick of the glorification of Martin Luther KIng over every other figure in American history and the notion that an aggressive in your face black population is somehow being victimized by everyday by middle class white Americans...

I'm sick of the sanctification of the "N" word and disgusted by people who have allowed themselves to be intimidated by the politically correct "thought police".....If what I have said here offends your sensibilities, then as far as I am concerned, you are the reason that this Country is now governed by an unqualified incompetent Community Organizer, his Hitler-like Attorney General henchman Eric Holder and his collection of appointed charlatans and incompetents that are destroying this Republic... I strongly recommend that you take an evening stroll through the South Side of Chicago or Liberty City in Miami to confirm your strong commitment to "black innocence"...Just let us know where to send the flowers!!!!!

I wrote back:
This vitriol disgusts me Aunt Bonne... please, please please... for the last time... take me OFF OF YOUR EMAIL LIST.

And grow the hell up.
All I see in here is black this and black that. You better hope God cuts you some slack.

And then I wrote her that I was acting silly by asking her to remove me from her emails... I realized that the responsibility was mine.. and that I added her to the Junk list. smile

She wrote back: I feel sorry for you young man.

(insert rollseyes winkie here)
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Re: Telling my aunt to f**k off - 08/09/13 03:14 PM

What can I say but wow...your response was spot on as far as I am conserned
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Re: Telling my aunt to f**k off - 08/09/13 04:00 PM

Got a Brother in law the same way- rabid rightie !

Sent me some pictures of W the other day meeting and greeting people and called him a class President who's being slandered by the occupant of the WH ! (more than rolls eyes !!!)

Here's what I wrote back.
"Bush was the WORST President in recent American History --- his record is horrible... left us with huge debts because he paid for NOTHING ! Gave away the Clinton surplus.
I could make you a LONG list, but you're in denial with this turkey !
But you go ahead with the Bush Fairy Tales...
He should be in Jail for War Crimes (Iraq).

Bush was so BAD the GOP didn't even invite him to their Convention last Fall !!
WHAT does that say Larry ?? They don't even invite the ex-President of their own party !!!

Dream on !
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Re: Telling my aunt to f**k off - 08/09/13 09:56 PM

I'll say again
what I said to MattMac

'You should consider yourself OUTSTANDINGLY
Fortunate to have as a member of this forum
THE One and Only Family LIBERAL!
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Re: Telling my aunt to f**k off - 08/10/13 03:36 AM

That's something similar to some members of my family send out.

Like you, I will spend soe time looking up links to counter then hit Reply All.

On at least one f their viral emails was a reference to some thing Obama had done that was supposedly atrocious . I found links showing both Bushes doing the same thing.

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Re: Telling my aunt to f**k off - 08/11/13 10:09 AM

My Dad is not quite as bad as your aunt, Nuke, but I so have to bite my tongue all the time. He knows he's getting my goat too. We are too estranged for me to know if I'm in his will wink so I try to at least stay on posting terms (he's finally on FB).
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Re: Telling my aunt to f**k off - 08/11/13 12:30 PM

I was pissy when I posted this... the " f**k off " part was over the top. Still, I wish people could respect my wishes and not send crap like that. I found that offensive.
Racism exists in most, or all, of us and I try my best to stifle it.
Putting it into words and emailing it around to members of my family is just over the top and demands a response.
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Re: Telling my aunt to f**k off - 08/11/13 09:58 PM

I choose to believe that the majority of that tripe
comes to us via the dreaded "Reply All" Button. eek

same as far too many inane internet "Jokes", most of
which was old before Al Gore invented the internet

I used to get it too, but it dropped off once once
I adopted the same strategy;
Read their horsespit, disprove it via
then hitting "REPLY ALL" smirk

Dint take long before they caught the clue
that Glenn Beck was talking out the wrong end, and
perhaps got tired of seeing his BS negated... but
whatever & however it came about, I was finally
removed from the MAIL ALL List.

I still have individual contact with a number of
them, I simply no longer need to muck out my in box.