No more Justice

Posted by: John Rougeux

No more Justice - 08/09/13 01:16 AM

Today was a very sad day here. I had to make the very hard decision to put Justice to sleep. She had a major seizure yesterday and had been declining since. The vet agreed that it was time for her. I'm going to really miss her.


RIP Justice

Posted by: drjohn

Re: No more Justice - 08/09/13 01:36 AM

Sorry to hear that, John. Do you still have the other dog?
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: No more Justice - 08/09/13 01:38 AM

Sorry, John. It's always so tough, but you know it's necessary.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: No more Justice - 08/09/13 02:02 AM

Thanks guys.

yes, we still have Chloe.

Posted by: Reboot

Re: No more Justice - 08/09/13 02:19 AM

It's never easy, that's for sure, sorry to hear John.
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: No more Justice - 08/09/13 04:25 AM

Look at that face!
I don't think I've ever seen a more distinguished animal.
RIP Justice. frown
Posted by: DLC

Re: No more Justice - 08/09/13 04:12 PM

VERY sorry John !

Always tough. My sister had to put their 15 yr old Dashound Killer down about a month ago. One afternoon he started having seizures too. He had been bed ridden for 2-3 months and she waited on that dog like he was the King of England. She gave him and extra 18-24 months of life because of her devotion.

I'm sure you felt the same about Justice.. BUT he was a "lucky dog"- he had you !!
Heal quickly, my friend.

Best always,
Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: No more Justice - 08/09/13 04:42 PM

I'm sorry, John.
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: No more Justice - 08/09/13 04:44 PM

Don't worry... she'll be waiting for you.