Angry Birds

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Angry Birds - 08/03/13 05:48 PM

klK--><--Klk eek


"Big Bird" chasing down a car
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Re: Angry Birds - 08/03/13 11:37 PM

I never would've guessed.

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Re: Angry Birds - 08/04/13 03:56 PM

OR it could be the "Down Under" version of Hitchcock's The Birds !! eek
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Re: Angry Birds - 08/04/13 05:06 PM

Originally Posted By: Stumpy1
I never would've guessed.


Too bad the default size image app
prevents the larger image as sent to me's difficult to see the smaller version.

It was sent a joke.
One can't take a country where anything can kill you
if you don't keep your wits about you entirely serious
or you'd leap aboard the first Qantas outta there PDQ

Best thing for it is to maintain ones sensaumma
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Originally Posted By: Celandine

Too bad the default size image app
prevents the larger image as sent to me's difficult to see the smaller version.
That's to keep thread windows from being blown way out of size by someone posting a poster sized pic or something. If one Control-clicks on an image > Open in New Tab/Window we can see the full sized image.
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Yes I know & Yes I know

The size is still WAY Too Small
at least in MCC you can manually resize

Yes, I know about the Control-Click,
but in this particular case it's difficult
in as much as the image already links out
to further info regarding Cassowaries. frown
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Re: Angry Birds - 08/04/13 11:29 PM

Always treat wild animals with care by keeping your distance.
A cassowary fiercely defends territory. The buck kangaroo will attack anyone it sees as a challenge to his position as leader. The male emu will fiercely defend the nest and the young.

Arguing with a bear might be a known no-no but cute and cuddly isn't the way any wild animals see their role.
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Re: Angry Birds - 08/05/13 01:30 AM

Last time we were down in the Keys Ted brought me to
check out the only fresh water spring in the Keys.
We were sitting on a rise above the water, when Ted
spotted a chick inching her way through the underbrush
on the far side of the pool toward a 6ix foot alligator.

Ted called out to her that there was an alligator there,
but she said "Yes, I know, I'm trying to get close enough
so my boyfriend can take my picture with it!" crazy

Ted yelled to her that the alligator was waiting for her
to get closer, but couldn't convince her that it was
actually a dangerous wild animal because she insisted
that there wouldn't be a dangerous animal anywhere
that tourists had access to. She was also convinced that
this animal (who looked for all the world like a heavy
old LOG that couldn't catch a tortoise) could possibly
pose a danger, since she could just turn and walk away.

Ted finally managed to convince her boyfriend to call her
back to our side of the Blue Hole, telling him that it
was indeed wild, and "made it's living" by feigning an
inability to pose a danger to any unwary animal that
couldn't tell that it wasn't a log... and that it was
fully capable of a sudden burst of speed that more often
than not, ended very badly for the unassuming beasty.

Turned out that Ted was more concerned for the safety
of the alligator than the stupid girl, since had the
alligator lunged at her, it would surely have ended with
the local game warden having to put the alligator down
in spite of it merely doing what was in its nature to do.

In fact... that's the chief reason for signs posting,
"PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS" since it inevitable
leads to the animal being put-down because of stupid
people (mainly tourists)..assuming the animals are tame.