RIP Dennis Farina

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RIP Dennis Farina - 07/23/13 10:43 AM

Aww man. Always did like him....

Lucky Stiff (filming) 2013

2013 Authors Anonymous (post-production)
John K. Butzin

2013 New Girl (TV series)
Walt / Walt Miller
Virgins (2013) Walt
A Father's Love (2013) Walt Miller

2011-2012 Luck (TV series)
Gus Demitriou
Episode #1.9 (2012) Gus Demitriou
Episode #1.8 (2012) Gus Demitriou
Episode #1.7 (2012) Gus Demitriou
Episode #1.6 (2012) Gus Demitriou
Episode #1.5 (2012) Gus Demitriou
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2011 The Last Rites of Joe May
Joe May

2010 Knucklehead
Memphis Earl

2008 What Happens in Vegas

2008 Bottle Shock
Maurice Cantavale

2007 Bag Boy
Marty Engstrom

2007 The Grand
LBJ 'Deuce' Fairbanks

2007 Purple Violets

2007 You Kill Me
Edward O'Leary

2004-2006 Law & Order (TV series)
Detective Joe Fontana
Invaders (2006) Detective Joe Fontana
Hindsight (2006) Detective Joe Fontana
Kingmaker (2006) Detective Joe Fontana
Positive (2006) Detective Joe Fontana
Thinking Makes It So (2006) Detective Joe Fontana
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2005 Justice League (TV series)
Ted Grant / Wildcat
Panic in the Sky (2005) Wildcat (voice) (uncredited) / Ted Grant (voice) (uncredited)
The Cat and the Canary (2005) Wildcat (voice) / Ted Grant (voice)

2005 Empire Falls (TV movie)
Walt Comeau

2005 Law & Order: Trial by Jury (TV series)
Detective Joe Fontana
Skeleton (2005) Detective Joe Fontana

2004 Scrambled Eggs (short)
Dr. Carlson

2004 Paparazzi
Detective Burton

2002-2003 In-Laws (TV series)
Victor Pellet
Two Rooms (2003) Victor Pellet
Matt Goes Into Labor (2003) Victor Pellet
Mother's Nature (2003) Victor Pellet
If You Can't Stand the Heat (2002) Victor Pellet
Married Christmas (2002) Victor Pellet
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2002 Stealing Harvard
Mr. Warner

2002 Big Trouble
Henry Desalvo

2001 Sidewalks of New York

2000 Snatch.
Cousin Avi

2000 Bad Seed
Dick Muller

2000 Reindeer Games
Jack Bangs

1999 The Mod Squad

1998 Buddy Faro (TV series)
Buddy Faro
The Match Game Buddy Faro

1998 Saving Private Ryan
Lieutenant Colonel Anderson

1998 Out of Sight
Marshall Sisco

1997 Bella Mafia (TV movie)
Don Roberto Luciano

1997 That Old Feeling
Dan De Mora

1996 Eddie
Coach John Bailey

1995 Get Shorty
Ray 'Bones' Barboni

1995 Out of Annie's Past (video)
Charlie Ingle

1995 Bonanza: Under Attack (TV movie)
Charley Siringo

1994 Little Big League
George O'Farrell

1994 The Corpse Had a Familiar Face (TV movie)
Detective Harry Lindstrom

1994 One Woman's Courage (TV movie)
Craig McKenna

1993 A Stranger in the Mirror (TV movie)

1993 Striking Distance
Capt. Nick Detillo

1993 Romeo Is Bleeding
Nick Gazzara (uncredited)

1993 Another Stakeout
Brian O'Hara

1993 The Disappearance of Nora (TV movie)

1992 Tales from the Crypt (TV series)
Werewolf Concerto (1992) Antoine

1992 Street Crimes

1992 Mac
Mr. Stunder

1992 Cruel Doubt (TV movie)
Tom Brereton

1992 We're Talkin' Serious Money

1992 Drug Wars: The Cocaine Cartel (TV movie)
Mike Cerone

1991 Perfect Crimes (TV movie)
Armand Zaro

1990 Men of Respect
Bankie Como

1990 People Like Us (TV movie)
Elias Renthall

1990 Blind Faith (TV movie)
Prosecutor Kelly

1984-1989 Miami Vice (TV series)
Albert Lombard
World of Trouble (1989) Albert Lombard
Lombard (1985) Albert Lombard
One Eyed Jack (1984) Albert Lombard

1989 The Case of the Hillside Stranglers (TV movie)
Angelo Buono

1989 China Beach (TV series)
Lt. Col. Edward Edward Vincent
All About E.E.V. (1989) Lt. Col. Edward Edward Vincent

1988 Open Admissions (TV movie)

1988 Midnight Run
Jimmy Serrano

1986-1988 Crime Story (TV series)
Lt. Mike Torello
Going Home (1988) Lt. Mike Torello
Escape (1988) Lt. Mike Torello
Pursuit (1988) Lt. Mike Torello
The Hearings (1988) Lt. Mike Torello
Byline (1988) Lt. Mike Torello
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1987 Six Against the Rock (TV movie)
Robert Stroud

1986 Jack and Mike (TV series)
Pilot (1986)

1986 Manhunter
Jack Crawford

1986 The Birthday Boy (TV short)
Diner Owner

1986 Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling

1986 Triplecross (TV movie)
Veteran Cop, Ernie

1986 Lady Blue (TV series)
Joe Kaufman
Sylvie (1986) Joe Kaufman

1985 Final Jeopardy (TV movie)
Policeman #2

1985 Remington Steele (TV series)
Uniform #2
Steele Trying (1985) Uniform #2

1985 Code of Silence
Det. Dorato

1985 Hunter (TV series)
Vic Terranova
The Snow Queen: Part 2 (1985) Vic Terranova
The Snow Queen: Part 1 (1985) Vic Terranova

1985 Hardcastle and McCormick (TV series)
Ed Coley
Undercover McCormick (1985) Ed Coley

1984 American Playhouse (TV series)
The Killing Floor (1984) Supervisor

1984 Hard Knox (TV movie)

1983 Through Naked Eyes (TV movie)

1981 Thief
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Re: RIP Dennis Farina - 07/23/13 10:53 AM

Good character actor all around. Died really young only 69 years old.Great acting in Law and Order which I always watched.Will be missed by all. Gone but not forgotten.