A little interlude

Posted by: MrB

A little interlude - 07/20/13 03:36 AM

Back when I had my hearing and was buying my big speakers, I took one of my Kodo CDs to the speaker stores and put it in the receiver to test out the different speakers.

I always gathered a small crowd when I did ths and several would want to know what group iwas playing. I still love them but can't appreciate them like could. Sigh

Check them out. Just do a search on YouTube for "Kodo"


Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: A little interlude - 07/20/13 11:57 AM

Very interesting.

I liked the harmonies - very beautiful.

The theatrical-style drum playing must be a Japanese thing. Pretty cool. There was some of that in Brad Paisley's "Welcome to the Future."

I got a kick out of the troupe dub-steppin' into the theater near the end. Also the playing of the piccolo-type instruments.