New Orleans Jazz Fest

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New Orleans Jazz Fest - 07/12/13 01:12 PM

Ok, so I have a lot to catch you all up on, so I hope you don't mind the extra threads I have been creating.

May 2012 Amy and I went down to New Orleans the 1st weekend of May for the Jazz Fest. It was our first trip down there too, so we were going to see the typical sites when we had free time.

I have to say, the food down there was delicious! LOVED it. But unfortunately, there is STILL destruction from Katrina down there. Houses/buildings are boarded up, etc. Just sad really.

Anyway, we hit Bourbon Street for the most part and rode the trolley up the Garden District. Sunday we went to the Jazz Fest to see the Foo Fighters play. We had an awesome time. We'll go back to NOLA one of these days and take our son with us.

Sucking the head of a crawfish. I can't go all that way and NOT try this! Pretty good!

I absolutely LOVE live jazz music and we were in heaven at this place. This guy is Steamboat Willie and will be one of the first stops on our next trip down. They played a version of My Old KY Home when he saw my shirt. (and the next day was that all tied in)

On the trolley ride on Saturday night, we saw Chris Shiflett and his wife get on board. He's the guitarist for the Foo Fighters and nobody else recognized him! So, I asked him if he minded if we took the photo and he was nice enough to accomodate us.

This is the Foo Fighters playing, he is over on the left side

And here's some more random NOLA shots

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Never have been there, need to make it one day. Looks great.
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Yes, you should go down. Lots of fun!
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H'ain't been thru there since the '60's

...but the Zydeco alone is worth
the the price of admission.

.: Zydeco Playlist :.