not complaining

Posted by: garyW

not complaining - 06/29/13 11:33 PM

it's a dry heat cool

Posted by: Pirate

Re: not complaining - 06/30/13 01:25 AM

Unusual for this time of the year but we were at 81 for a high today...more of the same for the rest of the coming week, a few days only in the mid 70's
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Re: not complaining - 06/30/13 01:28 AM

Aye chihuahua !! mismo damm caliente !!

LOL, yeah so is a blast furnace !! laugh

and your point is .... blush
Posted by: MrB

Re: not complaining - 06/30/13 01:35 AM

You always hear folks say that. Me? Hot is hot

After a week or more of temps in the mid 90's we now will have a week or more of highs in the 80's


Posted by: Celandine

Re: not complaining - 06/30/13 11:35 AM

Originally Posted By: MrB
You always hear folks say that. Me? Hot is hot


In 'Jersey, We Get It! blush

The saying around here is;
"It's not the Heat, It's the HUMIDITY!"

"MUGGY" Hot is oppressive!
It's the difference between
feeling "HOT" frown
& feeling as if You're "DROWNING" cry
literally Struggling for every breath.

That sed:
From what I understand, Washington, DC
has the reputation of being about as
miserable as it gets, humidity-wise. sick

see also Orlando, FL & N.O. Louisiana
Posted by: Papa

Re: not complaining - 06/30/13 02:35 PM

The closet I ever got to Palm Springs was the Marine Corps base at 29Palms. The closet i ever got to the actual base was a lovely spot in the middle of the desert called Camp Wilson. Camp Wilson consisted of 4 concrete slabs with attached water hydrants. The hydrants were the tallest structures to be seen for miles and miles. It was a lovely 2 weeks in the dry heat.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: not complaining - 07/05/13 04:29 PM

Hot enough for ya'?