There's acapella...

Posted by: steveg

There's acapella... - 06/26/13 12:58 PM

And there's WOWcapella! cool
Posted by: Celandine

Re: There's acapella... - 06/26/13 01:46 PM


That was so incredible,
I hadda' hear it Twice! smile smile

Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: There's acapella... - 06/26/13 07:37 PM


I like it, I like it! Listened a couple of times too.

Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: There's acapella... - 06/26/13 11:42 PM

Well done! smile
Posted by: padmavyuha

Re: There's acapella... - 06/27/13 06:14 PM

That was great! Check out these folks, too (I love this)...

Posted by: steveg

Re: There's acapella... - 06/27/13 07:06 PM

Yowsa! That's one of the best vocal percussion arrangements I've ever heard.
Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: There's acapella... - 06/27/13 09:06 PM

Great singers! smile
Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: There's acapella... - 06/27/13 09:09 PM

Watched "Rio Bravo" the other night on TV. Dean Martin did a nice job playing his character.

Posted by: Leslie

Re: There's acapella... - 06/28/13 02:42 AM

There are so many talented people in the world and now we get to see a whole bunch of them.
I love this intertubes thing.
Posted by: Pirate

Re: There's acapella... - 06/28/13 02:33 PM

There is nothing like a good doo wop group singing acapella on some street corner for tips