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Spooky! - 06/24/13 06:55 PM

Watch the time lapse clip!!
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What I like is the logic some people will say that because no one can figure out what is moving it then that proves its ghosts or such.

I answer by asking why the jump to ghosts?

I personally i think it is the biolumentics which are liberated by the sun falling on the floor and ceiling which when rubbing together create static forces which will result in torque effect on the statue. Adding to this is the rotation of the earth which will act as a catalytist to the movement. That's why it spins and not moves laterally . That's my thoughts. Any thing else is silly. crazy whistle

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Yup, my guess as well. wink

I'd venture to say that the statue
is made from load-stone or hematite.

The Egyptians went out of their way
to trick lay people into thinking
magic was involved in order to make
it appear that the Pharaoh and
attending clergy were imbued with
super-human powers that gave them
the god-given right to rule.

I'd be investigating any recently
installed electronic equipment in
the immediate vicinity.
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I think it was the Linda Blair effect !! whistle

"Your mummy cooks socks in the underworld !"

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Every time you say that, I smile. It never gets boring.
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Glad I can give you some comic relief. grin

I like to make little quips, hopefully to make people smile or laugh... makes the days better !
The folks here are nice enough to not say when I fall flat on my gluteus maximi !!! (plural for both cheeks ! ) laugh