Hornets nest giganticus

Posted by: NucleusG4

Hornets nest giganticus - 06/24/13 02:31 PM

Holy wasp sting!!!!

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Re: Hornets nest giganticus - 06/24/13 05:47 PM

HOLY stingers, Batman !

That was one huge nest ! We had those in GA but most were underground...and a small fraction that size. We always marked them when we went camping with scouts so the boys would know where to NOT tread. Hard to go camping and not see any though they may be 20-30 yards from the campsite - in the woods.

FYI - I ran over a small yellow jacket nest with the lawn tractor last Thursday when mowing. ( Didn't realize E. Texas had them !) I was damm lucky not to have gotten stung, but it was probably a young nest (20-40 adults). My grass got exceptionally tall (4-5") because my lawn tractor broke down 2 weeks ago and Sears couldn't get to it until the 20th ! (POed me off it took 12 days), so by the time I got to mow it, it was like bailing hay (> 1 month) !! laugh
I saw the wasps when I came back down the next row. Lucky for me they were just buzzing around the opening ! Needless to say I kept my distance when I realized what and where they were. (My neighbor in GA got badly stung by some and almost had to go to the ER !) I waited until dark and went back and shoved a large funnel in the opening and sprayed Wasp Killer in it. Then waited until the next AM to check. I think I got them all. Turns out they made a hole near a sprinkler head, guess there was a small cavity underground they could nest in.

But those little Bastids can be a big menace and as they said, life threatening if you get stung enough. And the little devils not only sting, but they bite too - taking little chunks of skin out ! Hurts like hell and takes days, if not a week or 2 to heal ! They're about as worthless as Fire Ants !! mad
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Re: Hornets nest giganticus - 06/25/13 12:01 AM

Nice film, Nucleus. Thanks!

I've had some success killing wasps with an aerosol powder, but I'd still like to know that guy's secret. That was a real pile of dead bugs!

Glad you didn't get hurt, DLC.

Wasps are helpful to control other insects, but I don't like them near the house (or in it, as we had a few years ago).
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Re: Hornets nest giganticus - 06/25/13 02:10 AM

Thanks Stumpy... that would have just ended out my lawn adventure with Sears with one final insult ! Guess I know now E. Texas has yellow jackets... and scorpions ! found 2 in the house in the last week ! eek
I'm checking my shoes now before putting them on !! wink
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Re: Hornets nest giganticus - 06/25/13 05:34 PM

Had wasp problem earlier this spring at the condo, not only in the apartment but in the elevator shaft and elevators...gone now but not forgotten