Big-ass bomber!

Posted by: steveg

Big-ass bomber! - 06/22/13 10:06 AM

This baby flew right over my house yesterday morning! cool
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Re: Big-ass bomber! - 06/22/13 10:29 AM

Nice film, thanks!

I have a feeling the audio gives no idea of the actual volume of noise in that aircraft.

You are lucky to have the Air Force museum so close.
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Re: Big-ass bomber! - 06/22/13 11:38 AM

You are lucky to have the Air Force museum so close.
I love that place. Last year, my parents came for a visit, and I took them there. My dad flew the Jug (P47 Thunderbolt), and he got pretty wet-eyed when he saw his old ride on display.

And yeah, that B29 was LOUD. A few years ago there was a pre-show flyover of a "squadron" composed of a B17, two B24s and a B25. Talk about a racket! shocked
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Re: Big-ass bomber! - 06/22/13 03:22 PM

We have an annual air show at the local airport, and every year we have overflights by B-29s, B-25s, P-38s, and a bunch of fighters, both aircorp and navy. They fly right over us constantly, so we don't have to go to the airfield. smile

We used to get more modern planes as well, but I guess the armed forces have stopped subsidizing fly overs by stealth bombers and fighters--and the Blue Angels don't come by either. Sad.
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Re: Big-ass bomber! - 06/22/13 09:23 PM

Fast-forward to today's closing of the air show.

Regarding the B-29....took this shot in 2002:

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Re: Big-ass bomber! - 06/23/13 09:42 AM

And this is one reason is why I've never gone to the air show here. frown
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Re: Big-ass bomber! - 06/23/13 01:47 PM

That IS Sad !! frown

Has anyone done a study of the frequency of accidents at air shows?
So many hit (pardon pun) the news, I wouldn't be surprised if it's >> NASCAR and other motor events. .. NOT in numbers but %-age. eek
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Re: Big-ass bomber! - 06/23/13 02:45 PM

The jug was my favorite WWII fighter. Very fast, and could dish out and take a lot of punishment.

You Dad looks swell in that picture. You are lucky to still have him.

That accident was a real shame. No telling what could've caused it, and at that altitude, they had no chance, as I understand it.