But I like her recipes

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But I like her recipes - 06/22/13 02:13 AM

I don't want to marry her, but I like the food she makes.

Paula Deen


Does anyone , except the fickle media, give a hoot that Paul Deen used a certain word when she was growing up , 50 years ago? Give me a break.

I watch the food network, for the cooking shows, not the growing number of stupid reality programs it has. Of the cooking shows, Paula Deen has the most usable recipes, for me, of all the chefs . Alton Brown comes next.

But, I've thought for years that she was a randy old gal. I've heard her make comments about the butter carriers on her Paula's Party show that might make me blush. No racial comments but sexist comments.

Still I like her show.

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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/22/13 03:33 AM

Wow. I didn't realize that they were talking about something that she did in her childhood. Did they get the info from the NSA?

That's ridiculous to fire her for that.
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/22/13 06:49 AM

What info does the government hold on any of us....just waiting to be used at any given time
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/22/13 09:12 AM

I think it stems from the sexual harassment law suit that this former employee, Jackson has on her brother and her from the shrimp restaurant they own. This was taken from testimony Deen gave during the trial. She was being honest. Well, apparently .

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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/23/13 07:47 AM

After reading about the suit, it sounds like a recent event that spurred it. Not forgiving someone for ancient history is stupid, but holding them accountable for something recent makes sense.
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/23/13 08:28 AM

This is the third time I have seen someone state that she was being punished for something she did decades ago. Look it up... the offense happened in the last decade.
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/23/13 08:29 AM

See post in Political forum:

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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/23/13 08:31 PM

I was taking info from the one link from what was written about her testimony.

I reaction from watching her different shows was that she had a rough upbringing and that she was a tough cookie.

From watching a few of her Paula's Party shows which had her hosting a live audience of women my personal opinion was that she was raunchy old gal . She has this thing for butter and one show she had several young men shirtless bringing in large trays of butter held over their heads. She made several risqué comments about them. Other episodes she also made comments.

I come to decide I wouldn't care for her personally.

But, her cooking shows have some of the best type of dishes I like.

I don't have to like the person to like what I watch her for.

Of the shows on the on the Food Network, the two personalities I like are Alton Brown and then the show hosted by the Neeleys who are a husband and wife team specializing in barbecue. I like how the relate to each other . They actually seem like they care for each other.

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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/24/13 04:15 PM

More trouble for Paula Deen: the celebrity chef has been dropped by Smithfield Foods, the global pork producing company.

Full Story
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/24/13 09:50 PM

I wonder how many have never used thse words she is accused of saying. I wonder if they could pass a poly on their answer.

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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/25/13 07:11 AM

I know that I couldn't even though it's been more than 50 years and I claim ignorance as my reason. Yeah at 12, I was pretty naive and stupid !

But I was in a car with a guy who purposely turned around and went back by a black guy working on a street paving job. He drove by real fast and shouted out that word ! Made me really damm mad and I called him an azzhole... never associated with that jerk again. I think I was 16.... for the life of me, I don't know how people can be that way ! Just full of hate and vile. frown
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/25/13 07:49 AM

I've never used the word as it comes from me. I do read a lot of literature, American literature but also some British, in which it appears--and when I read the passages aloud in a class, say, I read the word. And I'm absolutely against the idea that a "modern" edition of something like Huck Finn should censor the word. That's falsifying history, and IMO it's a kind of secular sin to do that. But to speak the word myself--never. I spent a great deal of time in the 60s and 70s and 80s fighting against racism (too young to have been a Freedom Rider, though I know several people who were). I can barely stand it when people of color use the word in an off-hand, "boy am I cool" way. Although I understand perfectly well the reappropriation of the term, I don't think it works any more than the appropriation of "queer" does for the gay community.

Anyway, I know nothing about Paula Deen, but she's a lifelong southerner, and racial relations in the south are difficult for me, up here in the northlands, to understand. My wife and I just saw The Help (finally), and sentimental though the movie is, it suggests the peculiarity of racial relations in the 60s, which I suspect are still as peculiar--and the peculiarity derived from the "peculiar institution," slavery. I also think that in some ways racial relations in the south are more honest than in the north. That doesn't mean that they're good, but honesty is a necessary first step towards curing problems.

So I guess that I'm completely mixed up about Ms. Deen--and am happy to stay that way because I really don't care a whole lot about her in particular. At the same time, being mixed up is what racial relations in the early 21st-century US is all about.
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/25/13 09:52 AM

I used it once.

I was about five or six and didn't know the word as it wasn't used in our house. Heard it from one of the kids down the street one day, then used it at the dinner table that night.

Then BLAM! My Dad reached across the table and labeled me with his back hand. That was that. blush

Come to think of it, now, I hear it a lot more from blacks than from whites these days. Hmmmm.
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/25/13 10:29 AM

I grew up in a racist family. It was a common usage. We even chanted those phrases like " last one there is a n****r baby. We told racist jokes.


Interesting thing is that in our basic community we had no interaction with African Americans. I went to a small country school. Thirteen in grades 1-8. Then i went to a town school for grades 8-12. all white. In no time did my schools teach discrimination. By that time we all were becoming less ignorant and gigured out myself the injustice that existed. When I went to college at Pittsburg Kansas in '63 was when I first had interaction and friendship with African Americans.

My dad was racists, but he wouldn't mistreat anyone, and if there were a black family on the side of road I know he would stop to help.

Recently I've heard a couple of my siblings refer to our President in racist terms and I get those hatefull viral emails from a couple of my family. A lot ofthe time I find counter links to throw back at them and the others on their mailing list.

An interesting conundrum, for my favorite brother inlaw was in the last two elections. He is a lifetime democrat but, at the sametime has equal feelings against blacks. I honestly don't know who he voted for. My sister is republican. But they don't talk politics together. Hehehe.

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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/25/13 02:36 PM

My family was and still is bad. Not my immediate family, but the ones in Chicago. I hate even being around them sometimes, N, spics, wops, etc flying all of the time. This is from well to do people, not Chicago rednecks or anything.

I never heard any racial slurs from my Dad, but my Mom was bad about it until the 70's or so. She didn't have any hatred, just used the word out of habit. We lived in a mixed town growing up and she would do anything for anyone in trouble, it was just that mouth that would curl my ears sometimes.
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/26/13 04:18 AM

I don't use the word because I know what it
feels like to be the object of discrimination.

Having left Alabama to serve in WWII, my dad
met & married my Italian American mother and
brought her back to live and raise a family
in Birmingham.

It was before I came along... but from what I
understand, they made her life sheer Hell from
Day One:
"I-TALIAN? Why didn't you just marry a 'N-word'?"

I didn't come along until they were living back
in good ol', ethnically diverse, New Jersey.

When I fell in love with, and married a Jewish
fellow, I got blasted with his family's version
of the same kind of Bullshirt Discrimination.

Lumped with what you guyze don't even recognize
as an issue or problem (easy to do when you're
not the object of the discrimination) of sexual
discrimination, of a life time of 'Being put in
my place' as a "woman". WTF? So I'm still not
considered to be a full PERSON In my Own Right?

ref: John Lennon

Just WTHell was wrong with "NANCY PEL-O-SI"?
(DRIPPING with all the derision "THEY" could
possibly lump onto the 2 Italian female words.)

...and GOOD Freakin' Luck, "HIL-AR-Y"!. .
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/26/13 04:56 AM

wanna real kick-in-the-head?

it wasn't until decades later
(just before my old man's death)
during a conversation between
him and his older sister, she
finally vindicated his decision
by confiding to him, "Your four
kids turned out to be the best
looking and smartest of all the
kids in our family.".

...umm yeah...

...so... Go Get'em Hilary!

Just like the Obamas did...
...make those pre-conceived
walls come tumbling down!
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/26/13 06:03 AM

Originally Posted By: Celandine

Lumped with what you guyze don't even recognize
as an issue or problem (easy to do when you're
not the object of the discrimination) of sexual
discrimination, of a life time of 'Being put in
my place' as a "woman". WTF? So I'm still not
considered to be a full PERSON In my Own Right?

Good Article that proves my point

thanx to Mr.B smile
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/26/13 01:08 PM

The whole Deen thing aside, I have a hard time sympathising with African Americans who feel offended when they hear someone use the 'N-word.' Not when I can't turn on the TV or watch a movie, or walk through a mall without hearing an African American who can't construct a complete sentence without using 'mothafugga' and 'nigga' at least three times each.

It's not that I see no problem with the word, I do. But I liken it to the idiot pro-life people who cry and complain about abortion being murder, but then proceed to take part in or support others bombing abortion clinics and killing the doctors/nurses within. Kinda makes it difficult to get behind the cause, if you know what I mean.
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/26/13 01:30 PM

Yeah or the pro-lifers who fight abortion and sex education, birth control distribution, but allow fertility clinics all at the same time !! Extremely inconsistent. mad

But then that's the GOP !! wink
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/26/13 02:10 PM

I hate hearing the word in the mouth of African Americans. But I also understand that the use is an effort to reappropriate the word, to make it work for rather than against them. As I said somewhere else, I don't think it works. Gays do the same with "queer," and although in some contexts (like in literary theory, where "queering" involves a specific deconstruction of heteronormative discourse) it works, for the most part I don't think it works at all. Reappropriation just doesn't work, I think, for any of marginalized group. Anyway, I agree with the discomfort at hearing the word used.
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/26/13 03:13 PM


I really really really have trouble
wrapping my head around their stance
on the contraception issue.

it really really really doesn't make sense smirk

but then as you've already pointed out....... crazy
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Re: But I like her recipes - 06/26/13 04:00 PM

I guess I may be weird, but black people calling
themselves, and each other that pretty much goes
in one ear & out the other, same as gays calling
each other, "Mary" or "Miss 'Thing'" since truth be
known, neither are my domain.

I also pretty much make a point not to engage in
FAUX OUTRAGE particularly with people who were
every bit as quick to throw stones when THAT was
"The 'IN-THING' To Do" among ones peers.

That said;
I'm the first to fly to the defense of someone
being abused by someone outside their circle.