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Back home - 06/20/13 02:47 AM

Well we were supposed to come back yesterday, but yesterday was maybe the worst flying day of this summer. The whole east coast was under severe storms, there was a tornado at Denver airport, a mess in AZ (oddly enough, not a political one). So our flight was cancelled after we'd spent something like ten hours at the Atlanta airport, and we spent a comfy night at an airport hotel--comfy except that the flight we got left at 8:55 a. m. so my nerves woke me up at 3:18 and I've been awake ever since. At least today was a clear, calm flying day, thank the gods of weather.

I liked Atlanta a lot, although I'm too much of a nor'easterner and was a bit uncomfortable there. But we had a good time. We also visited Athens, mostly because my wife and I have been thinking that we'd like to retire somewhere that's (a) affordable and (b) a town with a major university so we have access to the stuff that a major university makes available. But we didn't like Athens so much, I'm sorry to say. I'm prejudiced, but for a college town, it's just nowhere near State College, PA, where Penn State is located. And if I thought that Penn State was too heavy into football, the fact that the Georgia Bulldog stadium is smack in the middle of the U of GA campus makes me think that it's worse there. No fiddling with little kids, though--I imagine.

We're running out of places. Anywhere north of GA will be too expensive for us to buy a house. So we may be stuck here in Reading, PA. I hope not!
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Re: Back home - 06/20/13 03:07 AM

You've been gone? smirk
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Re: Back home - 06/20/13 01:59 PM

I've been gone for some 60 years. smile
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Re: Back home - 06/20/13 06:13 PM

I can relate to your Athens - UGA experience. Those people are as radical about U GA as the Penn State fans... I guess that's true of any University.

Were you looking at Atlanta because of the trees ? Climate? I get the house prices, and they are pretty cheap in GA. Several people at CDC retired in N. FL, but that was too hot for us. There are several nice areas around Atlanta - far enough out you're not too congested, but close enough you can take in sports and other events. We lived in Gwinnett Co.- taxes sure were cheap there !
Were you looking for a subdivision like housing area or one more rural ?

How about Birmingham or Auburn, AL? That's a nice area but AL isn't the most up to date state ! Course I think you'll find that about anywhere in the south ! When you come down here, you go through the "redneck time warp" - kinda like going to the Twilight Zone but banjo music is playing !! wink