McCartney on Colbert

Posted by: Acumowchek

McCartney on Colbert - 06/15/13 02:54 AM

Did anyone see this?
I thought it was a great interview and performance for being on TV, but I wish they had actual musicians playing sax and woodwinds, etc.
Makes me wonder how much was taped vs. live.
Don't care.
Never seen him live…
Posted by: Pirate

Re: McCartney on Colbert - 06/15/13 05:21 PM

Worked for a music stage show for a number of years, one season we needed a Tanya Tucker type for the show...found a great look a like
and best of all she fit the costume...but could not sing a when she was on stage the sound guy would cut her mic off when she was to sing, we had a mic set up in a prop room and our Patsy Cline look a like who could sound like Tanya Tucker but did not fit the costume would do the singing for the first actor...funny thing was our Tanya Tucker never knew she was being doubled..she actually thought her singing was improving...but she sure did look good in that costume.....