Aaaah beep beep!

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Aaaah beep beep! - 06/05/13 04:20 PM

Cue Donna Summer — because next week, I'm-a gonna be surrounded by Bad Girls!

*sigh* It's actually a Cincinnati business incubator for women entrepreneurs, and my client (top row, third from left) is a finalist for a $25K loan. So she asked me to be her guest at the awards dinner next Thursday. Nom nom nom. blush

And you thought only your borther's iMac got you chicks! laugh
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Re: Aaaah beep beep! - 06/06/13 01:22 AM

Congrats, Steve! Have fun!
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Re: Aaaah beep beep! - 06/06/13 03:33 AM

If she cashes in and you need your IT guy let me know.

No charge. smirk
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Re: Aaaah beep beep! - 06/06/13 09:30 AM

Opportoonist! grin

The is what I call the Double Piñata effect. I participate 2 or 3 times a year in the Dayton Entrepreneurs Center's Morning Mentor program. Member startups present their business plans and products to people in the financial, marketing, manufacturing, tech, etc. sectors for review and coaching in those areas. So when you spend the better part of a day in a room with a half dozen new businesses, something's bound to happen. Because they're startups, budgets are always a challenge, but the growth opportunities are often worth the sacrifice.

Such was the case with this client. She's been doing well locally and sees an opportunity in the Cincinnati market, so she joined this group, too. So now I get to mingle with a roomful of new businesses there, too!

I've already landed one account through another Cinci incubator, called Acceler8. You should look into incubators in Columbus, Dood. IT is always the 1st thing startups try to DIY — and they pay for the self-delusion.
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Re: Aaaah beep beep! - 06/06/13 11:35 AM

Bottom right is waaay cute.
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Ya think? Hubba hubba! laugh