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Ludicrous - 05/16/13 12:02 PM

Five of Pennsylvania’s state universities — Kutztown, Shippensburg, Edinboro, Slippery Rock and Millersville — will now allow students to carry firearms at school, due to advice from attorneys in the governor’s office and state higher education office claiming that “blanket firearms bans were vulnerable to constitutional challenge and exposed the universities” to lawsuits. Penn State, the largest university in the state, is maintaining its ban on weapons on campus, with exceptions for hunting or other recreational firearms stored with police.
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Wrong Link, Dude:

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I teach at 2 college campuses- Tyler Jr College and UT Tyler.
The minute firearms are approved on campus they'll have my immediate resignation in about 1 nanosecond! (I can't sign my name any faster that that !). mad

That's crap- they don't pay me enough to risk my life !! I'm not a police officer !! mad mad
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One local K-8th grade school recently allowed most if not all of its teachers to carry firearms in class....never been any problems at the school...just a safe guard...made all the media other area schools are planning to arm the teachers
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Originally Posted By: Celandine
Wrong Link, Dude:

LOL.. sry bout that.
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The wonderful governor of PA, who in his first year as governor proposed cutting outlays for education by 50%, ultimately reduced to about 15% by the legislature, is a verging on wingnut, near-TP troglodyte. Is it a surprise that legal staff came up with the cockamamie idea that they did? Nah. Will it be wonderful to get rid of him at the next election? Absolutely.

The problem is that PA governors are elected on off-cycle years, so very very few people actually vote. The ones that do vote tend to be the deeply ideological, on both sides. The result is misery for all.
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the hits just keep commin'

I clicked on a link within your link
on a story about a Record Breaking Amount
paid @ Christie's for a Topless Painting!

Here I am thinking sick ewwww JHKriste!
WTH was the artist thinking? looks
like Bea Arthur... !

as it turned out it WAS Bea Arthur TOPLESS! cry
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dint mean to change the topic
I just hadda take a moment to share you were...
Move along, nothing to see here. blush
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Yeah.... I saw that. Did you see the slide show further down of Hillary art?
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naw I mist it

is it as bad as the
"Study of 'PinHead' in the Tub"? sick