The Eternal Umbilicus

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The Eternal Umbilicus - 05/10/13 02:43 PM

From Psychology Today.

The irony of it all is that psychology is probably the single most important contributor to this crap.
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You mean Psychology Ptoday. grin
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Re: The Eternal Umbilicus - 05/10/13 08:02 PM

Do kids walk to school today?

I remember when my kids walked the 7-9 blocks to elementary school and to high school . Junior high was was further so we took them sometimes. Course they walked together.

Some kids in my town still do but I live across the street from one and at 3:00 cars are lined up in front of my house. I don't live directly across from the front of the school which is a one way street and has many cars there but still I will have 8 - 12

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Re: The Eternal Umbilicus - 05/11/13 12:50 AM

Some kids walk. Last week there police cars and a helicopter circling my neighborhood for about 40 minutes. Turns out a girl was walking to school, someone ran up pushed her down and grabbed her necklace off her neck and did something else we don't know about yet.. something to warrant all the police activity.

It's a gamble today. Definitely not anything like when I was a kid.