End game

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End game - 05/07/13 11:22 PM

They really are making an Ender's Game movie. Never thought I'd see the day.


Anyone read the book or it's sequels. Some pretty good reading.
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Re: End game - 05/08/13 12:04 AM

Oops--hadn't seen your post before I put up my post. Sorry!

I've read all of the books in the series. Like 'em all.
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Re: End game - 05/08/13 01:11 AM

Ender is supposed to be a nickname for Andrew I believe? I read them yonks ago.

Anyway, did you ever notice Ender's Game could be a play on the term end game? I just noticed that myself today.

Did you also know that even though Ender's Game is the most successful and well-known book in the series, Card only wrote it because he thought he needed a sufficient backstory in order to write Speaker for the Dead? Ironic as Ender's Game is the one most people talk about and many people have only read that and none of its sequels. I think I do prefer the later books, though I thought they got a bit bogged down near the end.
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Re: End game - 05/08/13 03:31 AM

The books get more and more thoughtful as they move up the line. Ender's Game is full of high adventure, although Ender's internal monologue as he works his way through all the wheels within wheels within wheels is a terrific counterpoint to the action. Did you know that there's a prequel about to come out? Card wrote it with Aaron Johnston. It's titled Earth Afire (The First Formic War) and is coming out in June.
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Re: End game - 05/08/13 04:03 AM

Did not know that. Will definitely have to check it out.

I loved all the stuff the with Descolada etc. but it just started getting more and more out there. By the last book, I knew I was done.
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Re: End game - 05/08/13 04:10 AM

Yeah, it does get a little out there. But the basic idea is working from the multiverse theory that's one possible result of string theory. Getting to use those multiverses--that's another kettle of monkeys . . . barrel of fish. Whatever. wink